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So yeah, just got a box from ebay which was meant to be a CD mortar and crew but it was instead empty. As in completely-no-way-it-could-have-just-fallen-out-empty.

Anyone have any ideas of how to fix this? I want a refund but I have no proof that the seller didn’t pack the item. Please help :frowning:



Send a message to the seller, i’ve done this once, so waylaid by packaging an item i forgot to put it in the box.

It might be an error, ask first then, report it after 14 days as ‘incomplete’ if it, it does seems pointless they would post an empty box. Was it signed for?


Contact the seller first and ask if he has any knowledge of where the item is. The fact that he or she has or has not sent it you will be indicitive of their responce. If the seller isnt very forthcomming open a ticket at the resolution centre on Ebay this is usualy expected to take no longer than 7 days at most to hopefully sort the issue outbetween the seller and yourself.

This shall get the case rolling in the longer term. The seller will have to justify to yourself and Ebay that they sent the item to you in good faith. but this itself can take up to 7-10 working days to resolve

Ebay will either refund your payment or side in favor with the seller but Ebay usualy wont side with the seller on this occasion.

If all fails and you paid via paypal you can then force a refund from yoru end via the paypal resolution centre if the outcome isnt to your liking. This will take 5 working days to complete normaly.


I suppose the obvious question is. “Does it look tampered with in any way”?

Re-taped using different type of tape.

No padding inside (ie packing beans or shredded paper).

Is there a weight stamped on the postage details, if so check this with some kitchen scales.

Either contact the seller, as he/she may have sent it the item to another person, especially if the seller was posting many items.


I don’t think it looks tampered with. It only had the marking of “gift” and “~200gm” on the weight rating. Which seems right for a mortar and crew. I’ve contacted them but got no response (as per my last thread, same seller, different item).

The box was literally empty.

Would the person be doing this just to be an a*hole or would there be some explanation for this?

It’s sus as I asked him to combine shipping and he argued with me and never replied.

Opening a case now though, hopefully something good will come of it.

If all fails can I say it’s Not As Described? Will that get me a refund?

Gah this is stressful :frowning:

Thanks for the help guys


The irony is you will more than likely have to open a ticket with the item Not As Described monkier and then send the empty box back via some form of recorded delivery . Oddly when the seller signs for the box of air that will that get normaly get you the refund :S



I’m really confused having not had this problem before. Are you saying I should file Not As Described and return the box? I’d rather do that if it’s quicker.


What I am saying is the seller will probably have the option to refund you fully when the time arrises but they will more than likely want you to return the parcel.

Ebay contacts dodgyseller2011 asking them for the next course of action.

Dodgyseller2011 tells ebay that Necrotique will get a full refund when you return the item to them.

Now heres the annoying bit Necrotique instructed to return the box of air to Dodgyseller2011 in a signed for manner so Ebay and Necrotique have a record of it being sent and a recipt for when its delivered.

Necrotique gets a paypal refund when from dodgyseller2011 when dodgyseller2011 signs for the parcel of air.

Sad but true.

Necrotique you know the reason some Ebay sellers insist on you returning the parcel like that. Well if the buyer didnt want the hassle of returning the item then the case would beclosed after about 28 days and resolved by ebay. The hassle of returning a parcel also means that many buyers simply dont bother nor want the hassle so no refudn will be given .


Thanks for the explaination. Can’t the seller simply not sign and say he never got it back?

I really don’t like eBay right now.

On a happier note, recently snatched up:

Complete BNIB Great Taurus

2Xcomplete CD command (6 models, both standard variants)

1Xeach blunderbus model

7X characters (3x sorcerer, 4x warrior/lord)

1X each hobbo rider model (about 9 in total so I think some dubs)

2X earthshaker

1X bazooka

1X deathrocket

all for 90USD inc postage :hat


EBay comes down so heavily on the buyer’s side that you should be fine.

Just make sure you send a few emails to the seller explaining that you never got the item, file a “not as described” claim through eBay Buyer Protection, and get a tracking number with delivery confirmation for the returned box. You don’t typically need a signature and don’t even need to send the same size box back. As soon as tracking shows the box was dumped on the seller’s doorstep, you should have your money back.:wink:


I’ll do that if he doesn’t refund straight out. Will post to let you know the outcome but for now I’ll have to put up with the returns policy. Cheers guys



Hope you get your cash back off this nobber.

If you get his address but end up with no refund after the dust has settled, there’s always the option of posting him a carefully packaged rotting fish or something equally unpleasant. Just saying you could, not encouraging or condoning… :wink: but these types need to learn sometime.


Hope you get your cash back off this nobber.

If you get his address but end up with no refund after the dust has settled, there's always the option of posting him a carefully packaged rotting fish or something equally unpleasant. Just saying you could, not encouraging or condoning... ;) but these types need to learn sometime.

...Or some Aussie spiders ;P

Will deffo file a SNAD if this doesn't work. Is only 30ish bucks but still. Bought more items off him. If they're all empty I'll be pretty narked


Any reply yet off him?


Any reply yet off him?

Apparently it was a "mistake"
although he TYPED LIKE THIS and said I should have told him earlier. Jerk.
Considering still opening a SNAD case though he's implying he'll resend.
What do you guys think? He's been rude before, sells dupe items, recasts, rips off P+P. Really let down by this


OH GOD I LIKE IT WHEN THEY FORGET TO TAKE THE CAPS LOCK OFF AND SHOUT AT EVERYONE GIVES ME A CHANCE TO BE A AHOLE BACK IN A SARCASTIC MEASURE. But serriously the seller is being a Ahole. I would demand a refund and never use the seller again. After you get the refund leave neutral feedback.


Good at least to get a reply, helps him dig his own grave, remember be polite at all times, will make eBay far more likely will side with you if it comes to it.


Da Crusha:

dang that really sux. who is the seller, just so we know who not to deal with?


Same guy here:

hammerofwaughminiatures on eBay

Posted a thread about his shenanigans a while back. Really annoyed by it though. you can’t just “forget” to send items and then be rude. You either forget and apologize or you don’t.

Also, who here actually uses CAPS-LOCK instead of shift these days? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks for the help guys, think I’ll just demand a refund and give him a red or grey star


Wow, he has allot of negatives, they all seem to be for items not turning up or being badly packaged.

With that form, I’d definitely dodge him in future.