[Archive] Recognizing the Word of Hashut Contributors


As everyone is now aware (or at least you had better be, lest I use my Sith Lord powers�?�) the first issue of the Word of Hashut has been out for sometime now and by all accounts it was a success.

But before I get into the recognizing the contributors I�?Td like to share an analogy as to the process of the first issue: The first issue of the webzine was sort of like the Saturn V  rocket. At lift off the Saturn V burned 3 tons of fuel per second for each of the five engines just to get the whole thing moving! That is exactly what the first issue of the webzine felt like: a tremendous effort just to get the first issue off the ground. It took a lot, but we finally did it.

Mistakes were made and lessons learned, but all in all I�?Tm at least satisfied with the results. I say satisfied, but not pleased, because I�?Tm no fan of �?oiterative design�?�, I�?Td rather it would be right the first time out, but that is where the staff came shining through.

The process for the next issue looks to be much better and we are starting to coalesce on a look and feel for the webzine and template to make it run smoother. More staff is coming on board, more articles are coming in etc… All this will make the next issue even better.

But enough with that, details of issue #2 will be appearing in the Project Development forum and articles are starting to come in, so follow it there.

On to recognizing the contributors: Each has been awarded a brand new medal: the WOH contributor medal!

The list includes the following:



Lord Archaon




All are worthy of the medal and richly deserve to be recognized for their achievements and hard work.

To all: I say thank you, the first issue would not have happened without you! Take your bow and bask in the moment, you deserve it, and keep in mind the next issue is looming. (Cut to sounds of mechanical breathing as the Imperial March begins to play…)


Well done to all of you! And you left yourself off that list!! Well done, I have awarded the medals to you guys, so you should have a shiney new friend below your avatar. :slight_smile:


Lest anyone think this was a ploy for another medal on my part, I even suggested to Xander to give one to eveyone but me. I got overruled! :wink:

Thommy H:

I’m building up quite a collection of medals here.

Also, this reminds me that I really need to get to work on the stuff I said I’d do for issue 2.


I'm building up quite a collection of medals here.

Also, this reminds me that I really need to get to work on the stuff I said I'd do for issue 2.

Thommy H
Well earned, also. :hat off


YAY! My very first medal. I love shiny things n_n

thank you Willmark; I couldn’t have done my part without you, and thoroughly enjoyed it! :slight_smile:

I look forward to #2.

hey Thommy, stop bragging :stuck_out_tongue: not all of us have awesome armies milling about, k? :wink:

Lord Archaon:

Yey, It’s my first medal!

Big thanks to all the CDO staff and especially Willmark, who put this cool webzine together.

:hat off

Kera foehunter:

great job guys and sojourn on the first issue glade you got some bling.Willmark!! Your power are weak old man. You can tell you and your emperor

im a pirate just like my father!! im sorry you failed to turn me to the dark side. lol

Hashut’s Blessing:

The Force is strong with these ones. Powerful, they will become. WoH’s future is clouded, I fear the Dark side in this one :wink: The Dark Side provides extra power, after all :stuck_out_tongue:

Very well earnt to each and every one of you. Annoyingly, I’ve still not managed to read it, but I’ve downloaded it. I may just print it off (might wait until tomorrow to avoid waking the family) and that’ll make me read it :wink:


great job every one, I still need to read it, but I will do it this week or next week. I might even make an article for the next issue.


Well earned all! :hat off

Hashut’s Blessing:

Just finished reading it and it is a job well done to everyone involved! Can’t wait to see the next issue and help if need be…

Ghrask Dragh:

:cheers to all involved, a really good read, especially when you think it’s the first one and it can only get better!!

It will be interesting to see the current interests in Chaos Dwarfs from issue to issue and to look back on a while from now aswell. I think this is a really good idea for this forum. Kudos!

Can’t wait for the next one