[Archive] Recommended Commission Painters


After what happened to Tenebre, thought it might be useful to start a thread for CdO users thinking of getting commissions done so they know have some kind of reputable list to go on. I realise its purely subjective but could serve to offer some kind of guide . I will update this post with all of your recommendations in list form with links.



Wolf :

Hay All,

For the majority of my Chaos Dwarf Army, I used Lillegend studio. I have to say he did a very good job and also to a reasonably high standard.

Commission Painter




Check him out, Tell him Will sent you.


Being a commission painter myself I can say that any painter from beginner to master will always paint a model to the same level because painting anything to a lesser level would be as hard as painting something to a higher level, and every painters models will have a particular style. Now I can see you asking for a max detail job being things like OSL, eyes being picked out, little details finely picked out etc, but the overall paint job and technique that the painter uses will not be different. IF he is a master painter even his lower priced paint job will still be a master paint job.

Now of course this really would apply to a one man show commission painter.

Lastly if you are a Chaos Dwarf looking for your stuff painted in California send me a private message :smiley: