[Archive] Reconsidering a Dawi Zharr army


I was just about to start building my Skryre Skaven army but by curiosity I decided to check in on the forums of Dawi Zharr once again. As I did I noticed the Indy GT rules. These contains everything one would ever want for an armybook of the Dawi Zharr.

What I am mostly attracted by for the Skryre Skaven is the machinery, big units and tactical interesting rules. I have plans to model the army using resembling 18th century humans with a distinct flavour of vermin worship.

The Dawi Zharr’s daemonsmithery and industrialistic fluff is equally attractive and I would model a Dawi Zharr army as is expected with chaos dwarfs and so on. I got this idea to model the the daemonic warmachines to incorporate the plastic daemons models like daemonettes, bloodletters, etc. fused with the metal. Hats of course and I really like the look on a few of the the models made by Snotling and Ishkub in the showcase section. So I would definitely try to do some chaos dwarf and hobgoblins in a similar fashion.

I have yet to make a list of the Dawi Zharr but my planned Skryre Skaven list goes something alike the armylist posted at underempire.

I can picture how the Skryre Skaven would be playing but I got no idea how the Dawi Zharr is as an army on the table regarding tactical thinking. How does the Dawi Zharr play like?


Slow. But tough as nails.

Depends on what ruleset you use (RH, Indy-rules or the 3rd book), I guess. And on how you build your army: you can build one like a Dwarfs army (without any greenskins), which means it’s slow and really depends on shooting and standing their ground.

You can use one with almost nothing but greenskins, which will make it play like O&G (“really Anonymouse, I would never have figured that!”) i.e. it will at least move at normal speed.

You can go shooty-heavy, you can go bull-heavy (if you get enough models), you can go slave-heavy (which will make for a fun game as you can see the meatshields get annihilated).

*Edit: just saw the army list you use with Skaven. You can probably forget about the large units of warriors (they’re pretty expensive: both model- and pointwise) but you can go slave-heavy. CD will probably be less shooty compared to your skaven but will be more accurate if they shoot.

Don’t know the rules for the Doomwheel, but what i heard it’s a bit erratic (correct me if I’m wrong)

All in all, CD are slow and pack a nasty punch: their speed lies in wolfriders, their safety lies in meatshields, their punch lies in warmachines. Magic-wise they are about as nasty as other magic-users.

Anyone who wants to correct me: feel free :slight_smile:


Nope anymouse you summed up the current state of Chaos Dwarfs quite well actually.


Nope, can’t argue there with limited CD games under my belt. It is fun seeing the looks of joy and superiority on your opponents face because he just killed abunch of slaves.