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[align=justify][size=xx-large]The Saga of Chronos, Master of Section 4, the 3rd Tower of the Black Fortress[/size]


Hi there!

I just wanted to start a small Army Blog, containing the rise of my army and some battle reports.

First of all, I want this first post to become a developing starting post, means I will add fluff and new armypics from time to time :slight_smile: So the first post will grow and change, while the ongoing topic is just there to discuss or for news and upgrades or battle reports or whatelse might cross my way.

Hope you’ll enjoy my blog, as always, thankfull for every post. Posting blogs doesn´t make fun if none is showing that someone care’s about it, so please leave a post, even if it’s just thumbs up or thumps down :wink:

Fluff Section:

Upon Chaos Dwarves there are few who can handle the arts of magic, science and alchemy, but even fewer who are able to force them into the inferal power of devasting warmachines and godless creatures that walk the shatttered earth. It is said to be that these individuals are granted true might about iron, flesh and mana alike, enabeling them to reach an almost godlike rank in the unforgiving society they are born into, only limited in their influence by the ones who are even more blessed by Hashut than themselfes. The most common leaders in Chaos Dwarves societey are the Daemonsmith’s, which can easily be compared to the finest nobles of human forces. Such was Sheol, that he paved his way through corpses of rivals and intrigues, that soon he became the leading officer of the combined forces of the feared Dreadquake Mortars of Zharr Naggerund itself. But with pride came downfall, and when the Black Orcs rebelled against their masters, the artillery defense of the big city failed to stop the enemy or even slowing them down to buy time for a final counterstrike. Run out of functional warmachines and ammunition, it was a sheer upfight with unclear ending. When the old and crystal ash of the dark lands faded and the rebellish army was cast out of the Dark Lands, punishment was brought harshly. Sheol was, as many else from the Chaos Dwarf society, send as a disgraced soldier to the Black Fortress. The glowing helmet burned and ravaged his flesh, but no words nor scream crossed his silent lips, for he knew he had to redeem himself for the almost-defeat he had contributed to. And while he already had a past as a leading officer named Sheol, this memory fell into oblivion. But with the tale that ended, another one was born. Between the lowest ranks of these fallen warriors, the saga of Chronos begun.

Armylist Section:

Personally I like the LoA armylist just for it´s blank possibilities. I love the idea of fielding a big army of Slaves with little CD support, I love the Idea of bringing a Temple of Hashut army (BC + Tauruk + Sorcerer Prophet with IG retinue) but the idea I like most at the moment is a Daemonsmith who owns a section of the Black Fortress and is reknown for his warmachines and his ability to bind daemonic creatures into a unliving corpus… Means… Going for Warmachines and Kdaai… Beside his creations he is always guided with a well armed retinue of finest weapons- the Blunderbusses!

Currently used armylist: 2000 Points/ WAAC.

Deamonsmith Sorcerer �?oChronos�?� 95

+ General

+ Second Wizard Level 35

+ Lore of Metal

+ Enchanted Shield 5

+ Ironcurse Icon 5

+ Opal Amulet 15

+ Dispel Scroll 25

+ Pistol 5

= 180 points

Deamonsmith Sorcerer �?oVittra�?� 95

+ Second Wizard Level 35

+ Lore of Death

+ Charmed Shield 5

+ Ruby Ring of Ruin 25

+ Dragonbane Gem 5

+ Scroll of Shielding

+ Pistol 5

= 185 points

26 Infernal Guard 312

+ Blunderbusses 156

+ Command 32

+ Gleaming Pennant 5

=  505 points

2x Death Shriker Rocket 100

= 200 points

2x Magma Cannon 145

= 290 points

Iron Daemon 285

+ Hellbound 25

= 310 points

Kdaai Destroyer 325

= 325 points

This one is pretty tough to beat, it’s a shooty castle (WM+Daemonsmiths+BB) with enough power to easily eat up those units that survive the artillery hailshot ( with the Destroyer/Iron Daemon/ BB Block).


Pics of the finished parts of my army:

So, small overview about my painted stuff + another rising Daemonsmith named “Vittra”, Chronos’ first officer. :)[/align]


How could a sane person leave a “thumbs down” comment?

Man, just thank you for sharing these! Your army it’s coming out beautiful. The only minor critic might go to the wings on top of the hero’s back. I can’t see eagles in CD imagery. Here are a few Questions:

1) How did you made the Daemonsmith
2) How did you painted the Iron Daemon. A tutorial would be great
3) K’daai out of Bloodletters sound intriguing. A few pics of them will be appreciated!

Thank you dude!


Lovely stuff whatore can I say? Definately a big thumbs up from me. Keep up the good work!


Love this army!

I am seconding Skinks’s questions. Your work is superb and a tutorial would be appreciated.

I am attempting to duplicate your brass color scheme to the best of my ability.

So far, what is working for me is:

Black Primer

Tin Bitz (thinned down, it is a heavy paint)

Boltgun metal and brown ink drybrushed

Devlan Mud and Brown ink thinned with alot of water

Boltgun metal, a dab of Shining Gold and brown ink to highlight again

Finally, a Mithril silver highlight to really bring out the metal colors.

Would love to see a tutorial of how you do it!!


Love this army!  
I am seconding Skinks's questions.  Your work is superb and a tutorial would be appreciated.
I am attempting to duplicate your brass color scheme to the best of my ability.
So far, what is working for me is:
Black Primer
Tin Bitz (thinned down, it is a heavy paint)
Boltgun metal and brown ink drybrushed
Devlan Mud and Brown ink thinned with alot of water
Boltgun metal, a dab of Shining Gold and brown ink to highlight again
Finally, a Mithril silver highlight to really bring out the metal colors.

Would love to see a tutorial of how you do it!!

Same way these minis were painted, just let out shining gold and mithrill ;)


You are already famous here :


Very good work!


Hey, that answers just one question :wink:


The reason that I added the gold was that mine were coming out more brown than brass. I had to cheat. The mithril was added to give the model some more definition.


Hey, that answers just one question ;)

Hand over a slave and I might share :mad

Actually the Daemonsmith is made from a common IG with HW/shield. I simply carved out the right hand and cut down the shield and some parts of the hand. Then I added a bits I got from Ebay (called Pre-Heresy Thunderhammer), converted it a bit more for my purpose (flatened the hammerhead and used two hammer-shafts for a long one) and put it into the right hand, while the end touched the crippled left hand. With some greenstuff I remade the armoured hand (pretty easy with plate armour) so it looked like he is lifting it up or brings it right down onto a head^^ I wanted a backpole, but not one like my standard bearer has.. I wanted a thick back-banner, which supportet his massive style. So I used a blood angels icon which i put into a carved out hole on his back, fixed it with a pin, used some greenstuff to cover the worst and then put a round shield onto his back. This way he looks cool from both sides and is easy to spot as a special mini. The shield comes from old Rackham-Confrontation miniatures (Archeron-Zombies), a game I left behind some years ago when Rackham f*cked themself in their own greed (tried to force a skirmish into army-szize game, didn´t work and none bought stuff so they ran out of money..). Nonetheless, I feel the round skull shield fits a CD pretty well. Small enough to fit onto the back, cool enough to fit into the WF style.

Actually, the Bloodletter's aren´t really converted. First I wanted some kind of Samurai-Style, like an animated iron-golem like in the movie "Sucker Punch". Then I noticed there aren´t really fitting models out there (there ARE nice models, for example from Helldorado


Compliments! Looks like a well thought plan. The K’daais sound really interesting, looking forward for those. You might be interested in this:


Most definitly a big thumbs up. Great work. I love the hero conversion.


Nice looking army!

About that link Skink posted: If you wish to enter, make sure you do not post pictures of your K’daais on here before the competition is over :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Just a heads up, you know)


Awesome looking army you have there! Looking forward to see the rest… :slight_smile:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Most awesome CD stuff I’ve seen in awhile. Congratz! :hat off


As mentioned in the thread that first brought your CD collection to our attention, your miniatures are brilliantly painted and converted.

Time of Madness:

Best WF army I have seen so far! Love it!

Not sure a unit of 8 fireborn is that great of an idea though.

Time of Madness


@Nornghal. I am almost done painting up a unit of 30 Infernal guard w/ great weapons based on your style. It has the gold mixed in because the test batches came out too brown. Thank you for the inspiration!



As I wanted Blunderbusses rather than Fireglaives, but

a) already had the Fireglaives done

b) really like the Fireglaives optic

c) decided myself to add a cogwheel theme to my army

I build these Blunderbusses! Rather than a simple short and massive fluet I rather suggest a Blunderbuss to be a rapid fireing high speed gun! Rather with light ammo, but the hailshot is so devasting the enemy will be crippled to beath by many minor wounds :slight_smile: Personally I think the cogwheels fit into the idea of CDs as engineers, as well as they add somehow a chaotic flaw AND because they are so fine they simply give the models a very fine detail!

I`ve bought the cogwheels from ebay in a faded golden colour which really fits the bare colours of my army as a nice accent. Notice that only the weapons bear cogwheels, as well as the command groups armour and the Daemonsmith. It´s a kind of award for my army, an honour, the disgraced IG isn´t worty of beside few individuals, but still, the weapons are rated higher than the lives of these mortals!

I first toyed around with the cogwheels (small ones, big ones, medium ones, two, one, three) on my Daemonsmith, but the big wheel is the final version :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, the colours are different under my lamp (bronze got sucked), but I guess you can imagine what the minis look like now!

Last, the foundation of my Kdaai… Sure, it’s completly naked, but I guess close to the flame out of the book you might imagine how the flaming Kdaai I´m going to produce might look like! :wink: I guess I will ad some cogwheels to them once they are finished, maybe onto the joints on the knees and shoulders. We will see.

Aside this, got the flag of the command group painted. Pretty easy done, wanted a velvet appearance. Simply chaos black, some harsh highlights with a darker grey, than covered the whole flag with Badab Black. Work Done. Still not sure about the flag motive, I fear another cogwheel will be way to much. But when I see something like this (http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-FWf3Y0bQEKk/TZ12-2_DAcI/AAAAAAAAAA4/GKSBYQimdrI/s1600/clock_screen02.jpg) it is hard to resist! Time will tell I guess :wink:

Talked to much, here are my upgrades. Tell me if you like them or hate them :hat off


Dude! That’s one of the easiest yet most characterful conversions I’ve ever seen. And it really suits your army color.

The image you chose for your banner is absolutely fitting with your army theme.

I’m not sold on the K’daai though. It looks just too much… “Bloodletter” to me. The sword’s guard has even got a Khorne rune on it… Maybe if you swap the weapon, add some hooves and armor plates…

Grimbold Blackhammer:

The cogs are different (I think you’re the first to use it thematically!), clever, and interesting. Nice choice and congrats for thinking outside the box. The Bloodletters I’m not so keen on to be honest. They scream Demons of Chaos far to much. Overall of course your army is brilliant!

Sorry for the request because I know you sort-of already confirmed it but can you repost your paint recipe for the bronze/gold tinted armour? Does it really take all those washes on every model or are you cutting down the steps?