[Archive] Redhammer's Chaos Dwarf conversions! [updated 12/16/10]


Well, the thread title says it all.  I started converting Chaos Dwarfs today as a study break from finals prep, and ended up spending a little too much time with them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, regardless of what I should have been doing, I have made a hero/lord on foot w/ GW and a fire sorcerer on foot, and decided to post them here and get some feedback.  They are still in the “green” stage and have yet to be painted or primed, but here they are:

This is the Lord on foot - Damekker the Bleak.  I think he turned out pretty well, and am looking forward to painting him.

This is my Sorcerer, Gragakk Flatnose, named so after my Sorcerer Lord, Gushrakk the Paranoid, flattened his nose when he was in a particularly bad mood!  He’s going to be summoning a geyser of magma which will be converted troll vomit on his base.

And here are the two of them together.

Sorry for the lack of quality in the pics… amateur photographer here!  I took about 30 and these were the best of the bunch.  Still, I think this is a good start to the rest of my army! :hat


Nice start, the lord looks very bleak! lol


Thanks. Fluff is very important for me, and I am quite happy that these two reflect their fluff well. If he looks bleak- perfect.

However… He still is a lord. I’ll have to fancy up his axe and hat to make sure he stands out.  That’ll probably be in the painting stage. He will likely be equipped with the Crown of Command, and I wanted his pose to be him holding up the axe to order restraint on his soldiers.


Cool! I think you are having the same problem with your camera as I am… I just realized that the background is too busy (in my photos) and it looks as if in your photos, the camera is focusing mostly on the wood grain of your table (or whatever) try setting them up against a really plain background, that way the camera (if it is autofocusing) will have nothing else to focus on but your guys! I’m going to try it tomorrow!


Much better than my first ones, I must say. Great work!


Looking good, change the background to something without detail (white paper works) and it would be easier to focus on the model.



good work!

now repeat the process!! :smiley:


Great conversions you have some really good gs skills, keep the great work coming, also great to see them wearing hats :hat off


Nice skills bud but the push pin needs be the other way a round :wink: Look for the Macro function on your camera either sometimes looks like a flower. Great start.


I don’t know… I actually like the hat as it is.  I did notice that after I had glued it on others have it the other way around, but when I was sizing it up to the model I liked it the way it is.  I’ll have to come to some standard for the basic guys, that’s for sure.  Maybe I will end up flipping it around, and that way the character can have a unique hat.  I’ll have to pimp his hat up a lot if that’s the case, as the top of his hat will not be as big around as the basic soldiers!

Thanks for the feedback. With finals picking up here, I won’t be able to give tremendous updates for a bit, but my next project (a unit!) is in the making. I’ll probably post at least one of them before the full unit is done.

Da Crusha:

Nicely done conversions, I especially like the dwarf with the axe.


Doing great work there. I picked up in some tutorial that a sheet of sky blue paper makes a good standard background.


So, time for an update!  I’ve been busy, but that didn’t mean I didn’t have time for a little Dawi Zharr love. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well, first off, I figured out how to take better pictures, so here are my first two guys again:

Damekker the Bleak - He is one hairy dwarf!

Gragakk Flatnose - His disfigured nose is quite clear here.

The imperfections show up a lot more on these pictures, and my inexperience is fairly clear.  However, I’m pretty sure that I’m getting better.  Here are my new models:

my WIP BSB, Gorgorakh the Stoic.  I had to trim down the axe to make it Dwarf sized, as well as the standard, but I think he turned out pretty dang good!

His WIP banner.  The flames on the top are incomplete in this picture, but I’m working on making them look better.  It’s also going to be my first experiment with source lighting once I paint it up.

The start of my first full unit: two blunderbuss infantrymen!  I’m really pleased with these guys!  If you’ll notice, their hats are a little different from the lord and the BSB.  I decided melee infantry are going to have their hats one way while ranged/war machine crew will have them the other.  Makes the units a bit clearer as to intent and still keeps the unity of the army.

The two infantrymen from the back, so you guys can see the armor I’m giving the unit clearly.

The blunderbuss unit champion.  He’s got a special surprise for the enemy.  I love that he looks so happy to have that bomb in his hands :smiley:

Well, that’s the second wave of pictures, and 4 new models that I’ve built or am in the process of building.  Again, more feedback is appreciated, and soon I’ll have to prime and paint these guys.  Now I just need to decide on a paint scheme!

EDIT: after posting these, I see a few spots that need to be cleaned up. I’ll go back through and touch them all up before I prime them.


great progress!

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Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking really quite excellent!

One tip is to make sure that your sculpting tool is always wet and if something needs smoothing (such as the Rune of Hashut), a little sandpaper will do the trick nicely. Absolutely love everything here and I can see that you’re learning your way around these guys incredibly quickly! Good job!

P.S. Moved as per request.


I have a habit of licking my tool

(giggle giggle)

Its probably a bad habit because GS is probably toxic and i’m slowly doing to kill myself with it, so a glass of water nearby is a good idea.

Just be careful not to get it on the surface you are attaching the GS to, it won’t stick.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Actually, greenstuff is safe to eat, but I wouldn’t recommend it, lol :smiley:


Actually, I’ve been keeping the tool nice and wet, but I made a rookie mistake:  While trying to put the flames on, I placed my thumb right on top of the rune! :frowning: It got a bit messier after that, and the banner still needs some serious work.  Today I’m going to try and reward myself from my copious studying and test taking by starting to paint some of them.  However, I’m at that awkward point where I haven’t decided on a color scheme yet!  I’m thinking greys and ice blue details. 

I want the army to look bleak (working title for the army as a whole is the “Bleak Brotherhood.”  I’ve been calling them that occasionally, but I’m still thinking about the name), as they are under the control of an extremely paranoid sorcerer lord, and he only trusts one of them.  This most unfortunate dwarf is Damekker the Bleak, my lord.  I will also be making a version of Damekker on Great Taurus in the future, but that’s probably quite a ways off!  Gushrakk the Paranoid himself will be one of my last additions, coming in on a Lammasu in the distant future.  To represent the paranoia, I figured that Gushrakk would order a uniform that revealed where his men were as opposed to the soldiers of other sorcerers.  Icy blues and greys would look great for this (Of course, this plan backfired as well, as he only trusts one dwarf in his entire army!) and contrast well with the fire that will be present on standards, bases, the taurus, etc.  

What do you guys think?  It isn’t a standard color scheme for Chaos Dwarfs, but I must also confess the thought of painting another army in red (my Dwarfs and Khorne-dedicated WoC already fit that bill) makes me shudder.  However, if red and black really looks that much better, I will consider it.

Also… while I’m glad to hear you aren’t killing yourself with green stuff ingestion, I’m still going to recommend not doing it in the future :sick

EDIT: Oh, and HB, thanks for the move!


Actually, greenstuff is safe to eat, but I wouldn't recommend it, lol :D

Hashut's Blessing
REALLY? - that surprises me


Actually, greenstuff is safe to eat, but I wouldn't recommend it, lol :D

Hashut's Blessing
No its not.. It has a number of toxicity warnings.
Both parts Bisphenol A Diglycidyl Ether resin & Polyamide Resin are both a class 2 health risk
do some research or Look to the label before you take your next bite..
It states
Health Precautions
�?� May cause irritation to sensitive skin. Wash
hands with soap and water after use.
�?� May be harmful if swallowed.
�?� Eye irritant. In case of contact, flush with water.
Contact physician.
�?� Keep out of reach of children.
�?� When sanding cured putty and substrate, use
protective eye wear and dust mask.