[Archive] Release of Issue Invocation #2

Disciple of Nagash:


I am very pleased to announce the release of the Invocation #2.

We listen feedback you gave us last time, and I hope you enjoy this issue. It can be downloaded from the following link:


(Please note that permission to post the Invocation was obtained in advance, any queries please PM me)

I hope you enjoy the issue and please leave feedback at the link provided.

Disciple of Nagash

~Carpe Noctem Admin

NB - As you can see we advertise CDO, but as the advert is in JPG format I can’t create a link to your forum. If you could send me the PDF version I can fix this next time.


DN PM me you JPG or a link to it and I can see what’s up with it.

Good job, I just took a quick peek at the ezine it looks promising.

Disciple of Nagash:

Will do.

I hope you do all enjoy the issue, and if you could provide feedback (positive or negative), that would be great.


Very nice stuff, decent tactics too. Models gallery was v nice.

Looks like my Undead might have found a new home :slight_smile:


If you want illustrations, I could probably stretch to 1 per issue (already do loads for here) just PM me.

Disciple of Nagash:

That would be superb! We are short of artists, so even just 1 per issue would be really helpful.

If you want to sign up at CN, and I will give you access to the secret lair of the Invocation forum…well I say secret but Willmark and plenty of others have access as well xd


If you want to sign up at CN
Done, I'm on there as Johnny B. :)