[Archive] Removing casualties


As completely random and noobish as it is I have a really, really basic question… In CC if 2+ models are killed do you take casualties from the command section? I get that someone grabs the standard or drums and takes that guys position but what about the champion? Does he die and your lose your two attacks? Does someone mystically replace him? A basic simple response and then the prompt burying of this topic would please me greatly. Oh yeah and I’m resuming my Dawi…

(I can’t find the rule in the rulebook :~)


For the champion to die he must be allocated attacks. If he is not targeted specificly in combat, he is not removed.


As Leadblecher wrote: to take down champion he must be targeted (in challenge or in normal combat). And 'bout musican and standard - yes someone grabs it (as long as thete is any common model that could do it, so when u have only command group left u can choose who has died).