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I recently read an excellent book about the mediterranien renegades. Christians in the 16th century who, by faith or for profit, join the muslim corsairs in North Africa and form a unique group of the north-african society.

Many of you still own the old CD renegades, the HoC rulebook mention corrupted dwarfs (but no CD), the dwarf rulebook mention dwarfs exiled by king Thorgrim who fled into the Dark Lands.

I was thinking if there could be dwarfs who, for a reason or another, join the CD in the Dark Lands. Accepted by their cousins and becoming worshipers of Hashut, but with none of the cultural background we found in CD (no curly beards for example). They could form a small part of CD armies and enjoy a lower rank in society, but are not slaves.

In other words, “dwarf chaos dwarfs”.

Ghrask Dragh:

Thats a pretty cool idea, a renegade group of dwarfs that have lost faith in their brothers - these would make some cool conversions! I’ll make a note of this and when I get the chance I might try making some of these!

Nice one ashur :cheers


Well - the idea have been around, where I was playing some years back… But still, love the idea :slight_smile: make some models and post them, some we can see your’ version of those renegades’ of the brother/dwarf-hood

Cheers Merchant :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

Great idea !! you could also do a dow for the cd ashur.There are lot of dwarfs that the chaos dwarf could trade with Short of like pirates, renagades or thugs or some cult of hashut.great idea can’t wait to see them


Nope. Despite being chaos dwarfs we are still dwarfs. Such dwarfs would be seem as oath breakers (if seen as anything other then slaves). It would be off to the slave pits if not killed outright. Even if they are renegades they are still nothing but meager fodder for our war machine.

Kera foehunter:

well i don"t think so. all dwarfs are opportunist we go where we can do the best.Oathbreakers are being judge by those who have diffrent standards.If one break a oath they will go out and try to kill them selfs or start a cult (like slayers )


Maybe there’s a place for them amngst the ogres and black orcs in the army, but to my mid they’re far more likely to become dwarf mercenaries and fight for whoever would take them


I  not really talking about dwarf mercenaries but of corrupted dwarfs. “Chaos dwarfs” who join the real ones instead of joining chaos as a all. Thats why I think they could be a new version for the very old renegade idea. The first chaos dwarfs where just dwarfs who fought in chaos armies. Those dwarfs coud still exist but would more gladly join their own kin.


How can you corrupt a Dwarf without it turning to chaos?

A Dwarf isnt some mixed up pansy like an Elf, a Dwarf knows what hes about and what hes doing all the time. A Dwarfs life, whether its Chaos or Good, is black and white with the only grey being in their beards. We all know where we stand with Dwarfs and having an inbetween Dwarf goes against Dwarfiness if you ask me :slight_smile:


Perv is correct. Dwarfs live in a binary world. Let those namby pamby elves worry about shades of gray.

Its notnthat I done think its a great idea its simply a case of where the Dawi Zharr are not welocpming anyone into their society unless its in chains.

Kera foehunter:

well i think there more than that guys. gold greed and power .Some of us don’t like living in the dirt like hogs. So we seek a way to bringe slaves gold and power .But it may not go back to the lords and sorceror or any of them greedy bastards. join us and be free let the wind blow thew your beard be part of the elite the pirates

Kera taked a bow


I dont know, I think it is possible, but maybe not on a large scale.

One of the weapons in the chaos armory was created by an “emibttered, secret worshiper of the chaos gods”. The Chaos Runesword I think.

So, while I think it is possible for dwarfs to be corrupted, I don’t think the CD would take them. I can see a whole shoot first ask questions later thing going for the CD you know.


Not much time to paint right know. I even failed this GH although I tried. Anyway, heres my standart bearer for GH (although hes not really a new conversion) and the prototype for my renegade concept. He still look to much as a regular dwarf but thats more or less the idea.

Kera foehunter:

like the figures!! well your renegades can aways hang out with us pirates.