[Archive] Replacing your army (when the time comes)?


Notice I said ‘when’, not if. I’m feeling optimistic! :slight_smile:

When the time comes and GW finally release some models, presuming they are enough to convert into warriors at the very least (but hopefully make an entire army from), how many people think they will just start from scratch?

Or will you keep a few converted units?

Or will you keep the majority of your army and buy only a few new units?

I know it’s very hard to say without knowing the prices, appearance or even the armylist… But maybe someone has some ideas?

I think I will probably replace the vast majority of my (very small) army. To be honest I’ve been lazy and an optimist for many years, so I haven’t go that much to replace.

For some of you with massive fully painted and converted armies I can see it would be a difficult decision.


I’ve always enjoyed converting models. So when new models arrive, I’m sure I’ll simply be supplimenting my current army with the new models. It seems as if my armies always evolve as they grow anyway.


I will buy units and slowly replace my conversions, but I’ll always keep the conversions. Then I can play a big 5k+ game with the big hats, converts and new Cds.

Border Reiver:

Depends on what the new models look like - if they are broadly similar to the scale armour wearing big hats, then I will likely go for the (probably) sweet character models, and what ever new and interesting models they come out with. If they’re similar to the 3rd ed ones, then I’ve got a lot of buying to do (I like my army to look like it belongs together).

But given that I have a wife, mortgage and three kids- it will be a slow replacement…


I purposely am basing the design of my army off of the hellcannon crew look… it may not be identical, but it’s designed to blend with that look…

when they release the new army, I would bet it’ll look pretty similar to the hellcannon crew, and thus my troops will match up with any new pieces…

meaning I probably wouldn’t replace core troops, especially since I now have totally original and unique ones. I don’t like playing an army unless 90% of it is conversions anyway, which is why I specifically picked Chaos Dwarfs.

If they had originally had an armybook I’m not sure I would have ever picked them up.

for example of how I pick my armies… in 40k I play traitor nurgle imperial gaurd (all fully converted models), and nurgle ork tribe cult using the feral orks army list.


As Border Reiver said it depends on how “the new models” would look, but I guess Id just convert the new units to fit in the theme for my army…


It’s hard to say, really. But if I know myself right, I’ll probably buy it all - especially any new metal models. As platics are for kids - real men play with metal dolls :wink:


No. Once I come to the point of having enough converted models for the 2.25k army compositions I like, I’m likely through with GW miniatures. May still play Warhammer, but that may be the time to start converting that Empire army from Warlord Games ECW minis that I’ve been wanting…

I’m more of a project kind of guy, not an eternal collector. Right now, there are my Chaos Dwarves, and my Mercenaries for Warmachine. When I have larger forces of both, most likely, I’ll begin a new project.


i will keep my conversions, and buy some units, but it depends much on how the army-book looks.


I would simply buy every thing new and add it to my curret army, i never get rid of any models unless i really have to :slight_smile:


It partially depends on sculpts.

Things I will get new/replace

If the new warriors work alongside my conversions and rank up well, I will get some to mix in to make mine a little easier to rank up. Mine are not bad, but the extra handful will help. Probably 1-2 units worth so I can do bigger games too… or go new style.

Any units that I don’t currently have figures for. (Sneaky Gits)

Any new units from Marauder era, or new units that didn’t exist before (Immortals, etc)

Any AMAZING sculpts (IE: Doomwheel is freaking amazing).

Taurus: Depending on the sculpt.

Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers: Just not satisfied with the current ones I use.

Possibly wolf riders. Though I see these either simply using current Gobbo wolf riders, or a new dual purpose pack that might be very popular with O&G players too.

Unsure/maybe and add on to

Bull Centaurs: I like mine, the Impact Minis version, but if they have nice sculpts I will get new ones.

Death Rockets: I love the classic ones, simple, but cool. However if the new ones are very steampunk… I’ll buy them.

Hobgoblins, I will keep using the ones I made as I love how they turned out and I love the extra insult of using old Dwarf bodies with Gobbo heads as slaves… though depending on points cost I might want to field more!

The things I will keep for sure:

My converted Earth shaker, I love that thing and I’m very proud of it. I will keep its crew too.

Blunderbuss, I like them a lot.

Classic big hat era characters: I do like these for characters.

Da Crusha:

I will probably buy a new unit here and there but will still use the majority of my 3rd ed army


I never replace but I might expand. Depends on if I feel like “rewarding” GW or not.

Pyro Stick:

As platics are for kids - real men play with metal dolls ;)

lol epic quote.

I wouldnt even think about getting rid of the collection ive amassed so far, eventhough i would probaby get more money back than i spent if i sold it right now. I would defnately keep my army and buy only a few new units, like bull centaurs to bulk up my unit,an earthshaker since i have never gotten one, cool new characters/heros/sorcerors, any brand new units (immortals etc).


When the new army will be released it will be a modern army, so a lot of plastic kits for core troops and special troops.

There will be new and unique troops/warmachines for sure. I’m in the opinion that the list will be almost completely rebuilt. If they look nice I’ll buy a full range as I’m 100% sure the will not fit my 5th edition big hats.

Pyro Stick:

If they look nice I'll buy a full range as I'm 100% sure the will not fit my 5th edition big hats.

If i bought new core units for my army i would still use my big hat. I would just think of them as veterans. That what i do with my 3rd edition models. It would be cool to have an army with 3 different edition of models.


I’d buy a separate one, and go with a different theme for the new one.


I wouldn’t replace any of my beloved 3rd edition minis!

I will buy additional ones if they are cool and good looking!



I think if I am truthfull I would supliment the force I am making with the newer range to fill the slots that I havent filled wiht other troop types. I think My Kollosus is the best looking thing in my army. My Lamassu I love to peices the 48 blunderbuss guys I made sit well with the look I was after and the warriors look suitably evil as dwarven cultists of hashut and from night goblin models I am impressed but it really depends on how good a new range will look but I will not replace my army wholesale because gamesworkshop came out with a new one.


like many, it’s really depending on the look of the models. if the new ones can be converted to match the look i’m after for my conversions then i might buy a kit or 2, mainly for the bodies (armour is slightly harder to sculpt as beards… i just found that out:~).

and any warmachines i haven’t gotten around to build… i can always convert the crew to look in line with my own models.

but if they go all masks… then i don’t know if i’ll buy any, the hellcannon crew look like mini chaos warriors with beards… which look cool in their own right, but it’s not the look i want.