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What’s this thing I see underneath all our names?- Reputation.

Is it to do with trading or something?



Hashut’s Blessing:

I would guess it’s to do with either warnings, number of people referred or number of post name-levels you’ve gone through, maybe…


It may also be something to do with buying and selling in the marketplace forum?


It comes standard as a feature in this forum package. I have currently diasabled users from adjusting other people’s scores.

I haven’t really decided on what it can be used for. It certainly could be used for the market. But points could also been given out to winners of painting or conversion contests.

What do you guys think it should be used for? :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Yeah, like 3 points for first, 2 for second, 1 for third sort of thing. If it’s what I think it is, it’s like “karma” that is used on other sites. Basically, you “exalt” or “smite” people. Exalt is +1 to the score and smite is -1.


i think a rating based solely on the market would be more useful…

imagione if someone was a bad trader but a good painter…

so still have a mediocre rating… n00bs could get burne in the market place…


Yes, I personally think it is built for a market type system.


I also think that it should just be for the market place.

I think that if people were to win contests that they could just get a choice of name or a cool banner as their sig.

Lord Zarkov:

I reckon that is probably a good idea just for the marketplace; and certainly if it is being used for the marketplace it should only be used for the market place, for the reasons metro outlined above

Other rewards can be given out for comps


I tend to agree with you guys. For now it will be market place exclusive.

Pyro Stick:

Can it be used like the Karma system where you can Applaud or Smite other users depending on their behaviour and stuff like that.


So, does a number=warning, or does Positive=Good Seller, Negative=Bad Seller? (If Good=positive, Xander already starts a few points up… the earthshaker kit’s amazing)


What do you guys think it should be used for? :)

I think the points could be saved up and then used to buy things.��e.g. a custom made signature from Xander or (better yet) an improvement in my status on the forum (i'm sick of being a slave, dammit).


Haha, post counts will increase your title. Soon you will be a Hobgoblin. :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t really think you need to buy anything, just ask for it, and it shall be done. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, you can have negative points and positive points. It works more or less like eBay does, you leave a comment after you asign a value.

I didn’t enable users to use the system because I didn’t know what to use it for yet, and having users with access to it means it could be abused. It would make more sense for the users to make a post with the message they want after a transaction, and then a staff member will adjust the Reputations accordingly.

Sound right?

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think it could be wiser to have the person “exalting”/“smiting” PM one of the admins (since, I haven’t checked but, think mods can’t change it) and get them to change it. It is more likely to get seen and done that way. Perhaps just one of the staff should be in charge of this, otherwise, people COULD start sending PMs to all of the staff.


Haha, post counts will increase your title.��Soon you will be a Hobgoblin. :P��

hmm..... well being promoted from slave to Hobgoblin is an achievement of sorts (I suppose...)


I got an idea, just use the same system that the ogre stronghold uses for gnoblars, they earned from mods for good works, helpfullnes, ect… and can be used to abolish bad marks… but change the name to sacrifices fer kicks and giggles

Lord Archaon:

Hatsmith of the Month
I have an idea of using the reputation points. In addition to the winning of the Golden Hat, reputation that can be gain each month by the members (not mods or admins because they are already the best:)):
For the helpfulness, great tutorials, advices the member can enter the Hatsmith of the Month. It will be the poll in which our fellow members will vote for the best member of the month.
Maybe in the end of the year the member who has the most reputation points gets a small prize;):stuck_out_tongue:
That’s all :hat off

What do you think of my thoughts?

P.S. i’m now the Chaos Dwarf Warrior that’s great :stuck_out_tongue:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Aye, but what would the small prize be?

Lord Archaon:

No ideas:)