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When i stumbled upon your CDO-Website i immediately fell in love with the lost civilisation of the chaos dwarves. For my first Fantasy-army i wanted something special, but somehow i wasn’t really happy with the old rules. So i read the fluff, crwled through the massive content of the lexicanum until i stumbled upon the old chaos dwarves from 2nd and 3rd edition - the Frurndar.

Chaos Dwarves that worship the 4 chaos deities? Yeah!

They’re mutated by the warp, twisted, cruel and everybody believes they’re extinct or lost deep in the mountains of Norsca? Hell yeah!!

Bring it on!!

So i got me some skull pass dwarves, my trusty exacto knife and got to work.

I’ll be using the army list of the dwarves, so i’ll be able to field my Frurndar in some nice little local tournaments, once i’ll get to learn the rules.

In addition to that this gives me the opportunity to field some slayers and ironbreakers, which i simply love for their style and especially the slayers for their nice opportunities to convert some skull pass slayers into fierce, mutated berserkers insert evil laugh here

I’ll be updating this blog as often as possible to keep you updated.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



First update:

My first Regiment of Dwarven Warriors with handweapon and shield has been built. Depending on how much additional conversion work i’ll add in when i add green stuff in the following days they’ll be either fielded as Warriors of Chaos undivided or as a unit of Nurgles Children.

On to the pictures:






Looking good mate :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work. I especially like the Standard Bearer



The old skeleton regiment has soo many cool bits, i really miss it :wink:

Good for standards, weapons…


Good start! Love the Frundar backstory… you should check out Zanko’s blog… lots of really good stuff!


Really like your style of conversion! :hat off

I’m eager to see your little stunties painted!

… and I agree that the Frurndar are the coolest CDs ever! :wink:



Darn, i wanted to spray some primer on my lil’ stunties yesterday, but it kept on raining…

So i started with my Longbeards…

By far the easiest conversion i’ve ever done, but nonetheless very effective!

I took some miners from BFSP, clipped off the spikey things on their pickaxes, cut the candles off of their hats, then i put some weapon bits on the pickaxes (blades, axes) to make’em look chaotic and dangerous and finally i used the pickaxes’ spikes as horns for their helmets.

I’ll take some pictures soon.

This unit will be my chosen of khorne (longbeards with great weapons & shields).



Still painting those warriors - i don’t get as much free time as i expected, so progress is slow.

I’m trying to batch paint the first regiment, which is rather boring but i really hope that i can show you some painted dwarves next weekend…stay tuned!


The warriors are ready for the battlefield…well, still need to flock the bases but i’ll show them anyway:




Also i’ve started with my first longbeards, aka chosen of khorne:


nice work.

but long beards work best with greatweapons, so I would drop the shields, thats a waste of points.


Dwarfs are slow, so i’ll keep the shields to give them at least a little bit of protection against shooting…shields are cheap and i’ll save some points by not using unit champions.

Btw. the rightmost dwarf on the last picture isn’t a longbeard, it’s a warrior which i built up for the first batch, but before i started with the greenstuff he got lost somehow and was just rediscovered today :wink:


True, but Longbeards can be fielded as scouts (and then wont take up the longbeard slot anymore). I always just bring more and no shields. And I personally love the champions to challenge those killer hero ridden monsters and completely destroy his combat resolution (:

So just give half the unit shields, you can always get away with WYSIWYG in both cases d:


I’ll decide this after i’ve made my first few games…

First i’ll finish the longbeards, then some slayers, a cannon, one or two heroes and then…well, i hope to find some nice guys from my local wargamer community to teach me how to play WHF :wink:


At last some progress here…

My Warriors are now based and sealed yay!

…and my 30 Longbeards are ready now to get some primer!

Unfortunately i haven’t any primer left, gotta buy some soon.

Oh and i used a unit filler this time, because i had run out of BFSP-miners to convert…but still got some old miniatures from a well known boardgame left… :hat off

Well, just take a look for yourself :wink:



but still got some old miniatures from a well known boardgame left... :hat off

HQ! Awesome sauce. There's always extra cool-factor points for using those models in any way, shape or form. Bonus points that it's for Chaos Dwarfs :cheers



I use old models in every army i build - there are some parts from Space Crusade in my CSM army, first edition Space Hulk terminators in my Deathwing, old Screamerkillers, an old Chaos Cybot (that insect like thingie)…

These models may be somewhat less detailed than the new ones, but they got style!

Another factor is money - on ebay you may get some Marines from Space Crusade for less money than the modern kits, so why buy the current edition if you can get cool (and tournament legal) models for less??

Back to topic:

Started to “chaosify” the BFSP cannon yesterday. With some greenstuff it’ll soon be ready to get primed, i hope i’ll find the time to do that today. The cannons’ crew will be somewhat special as they’re not all dwarves diabolic grin

Stay tuned!


Original take on CDs, looks very marauders like… :slight_smile:


Another small Update:

Cannon & Crew & additional Engineer completed and ready for some primer.

1 Runesmith/Mage converted from a BFSP cannonball carrier.

7 Slayers/Mutants built & partially greenstuffed, still 4 + Slayer Hero to go.

More to come…


That is excellent. Great army. :slight_smile:


Long time no see harrharr but at last, there is an update!!

The army bulding phase is FINISHED!

All figures for my 25K-List have been build and greenstuffed (where necessary).

Now all they need is some primer and color :wink:

Short recapitulation of the units:

30 Klansmen with Handweapon/Shield, built from the BFSP-Klansmen, typical conversions include masks, weapon-/armswaps, custom banner.

30 Longbeards with great weapons, built from the BFSP Miners, weaponswaps, ends of pickaxes used as horns.

Cannon with 3 guys and additional mechanic - BFSP-models too, but 1 crewman is a zombie from Hero Quest and the other one a Gnoblar.

16 Shooty Dwarves with guns - removed the horns from the BFSP-guys and added some sort of “targeter” to the helmets.

14 Slayers - BFSP-Slayers with freaky weapons, some GS-conversions, some masks, very weird stuff.

Organ-cannon & crew - i used the BFSP grudge pony and some crewmen of the BFSP-cannon for this one…and an old confrontation dwarf…oh and a havoc-launcher from 40K :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

AST - BFSP-Banner “pimped” with bits…

Runemaster - BFSP cannon crewman with cannonball, turned to flaming thingie with gs.

Dragonslayer - Gortrek!!

Dwarf King - Thane with great weapon from the current range (this model rocks!)

I hope to post some pictures real soon - stay tuned!! :hashut