[Archive] Return of the Undead Samurai - Baggronor's GT army


Great idea and awesome sculpting work!


yeah, this is a very cool theme for an army. a few weeks ago, i had the same idea (i started playing Onimusha :))… but just for mordheim, not a whole army. this will be A LOT of work, dude. but keep it up, very nice results, yet


They look fantastic. The greenstuffing is very smooth and well proportioned.


Ooooh Oni & everything, you seem to know the Japanese history, great work sofar!



Will post more pics soon, currently trying to work out the final colour scheme. Planning gloss black armour to get the lacquered look, with blue/red lacing and black and white banners with the Oda crest.

Really not sure about the Oni skin colour yet… maybe dark red…

On the plus side, the army seems to win a fair bit, despite being mega-small. My Lord miscast and blew up yesterday and I still got a minor win :cheers

Thommy H:

Red Oni are the evil ones, right? I’m sure that’s a gross oversimplification of venerable and complex Japanese mythology, but I’d still go with that.

The Nicktator:

Man, I love your veterans. These are definitely up to your CD standards. Bravo.


Ghouls, ready to roll.

Grave Guard, almost ready. Just need to do the helmet crests.

The big man, ready for painting.


The Big Man reminds me of the final boss villian in Revenge of Shinobi… I guess that long hair is some kind of Japanese mythical figure?

Excellent stuff Bagg!


Oni are usually played in theatre and new years celebrations by a guy in a mask and an enormous red or white wig. They look really quite cool :slight_smile:


wow those are really awesome. 0_0 eye bogglingly awesome XD

Kera foehunter:

nice painting on the gouls

love the grave gaurds


Soooo, after some seriously hardcore painting I did actually manage to get the army done (at midnight the friday before the tourney:)) and had a pretty decent weekend. Will post the pics I took, plus some new ones during the week, after I recover from the epic quest that was my return journey from Nottingham. After 2 hours of sitting on the floor next to the train toilet due to lack of space, a ticket inspector told me I had the wrong ticket and charged me fifty quid for a new one… if it wasn’t my money I would have found it amusing. I won’t repeat what I called him, but suffice it to say he deserved it.

Anyhoos, a quick rundown for anyone who can be arsed to read it all. The Gt this year uses 3 random scenarios, chosen from objective capturing, table quarter capturing and total annihilation where points are scored by the class of unit killed (Special, Rare etc).

Game 1: Skaven. We got the Table quarter scenario, I pushed his mentalist plague monks out of my quarters and stole all of his with raised zombies on turn 6. Hooray for zombies. 1 win to me.

Game 2: Wood Elves, Objectives scenario. Possibly the least decisive game ever. After 5 turns of posturing, with me sitting on 3 objectives, his dragon and wild riders wiped out one of my ghoul units, only to find the ghoul unit right next to them was still closer to the objective than his troops :). A whopping total of 19 models were removed during this game, I think my army was actually larger at the end than at the start. 2 wins to me.

Game 3: Vampire Counts, Annihilation scenario. After some careless deployment by my opponent, I baited his Blood Knights out with some wolves and flanked them with ghouls. That pretty much decided the game as they are a rare choice, so worth 3 points. 3 wins.

Game 4: Daemons, Annihilation scenario. With some nifty casting I managed to flank charge his Kipper of Secrets with my regenerating ghoul unit, however the damn thing refused to disappear and spent the entire game stabbing ghouls. 4 turns later, it was still there:hat. With my Drakenhof banner away from the main fighting, and some careless moves with my wraiths, I lost out on points. Boooo.

Game 5: Dark Elves: Objectives scenario. Best game I have had in ages. It swung back and forth and ended in a draw, with raised zombies saving the day again.

Game 6: Empire, Annihilation scenario. I knew my gunline opponent would most likely fire all 4 cannons at my general every turn, but I knew I had qualified via Best Army nomination by this point, so rather than hiding and ending up with a draw, I tried to make a game out of it. Needless to say, my general was shot in the face with a cannon ball on turn 1, after failing 2 look out sirs and a regen roll. This was the only truly lame game of the weekend, just a shame it came last. I could have played super-cautiously and probably won, but frankly it would have still been a rubbish game.

A LOT of Daemons were up there. Lots of Dark Elves too. Hopefully the Daemons fad won’t last too long…


Some of the Best Army nominations:

Kera foehunter:

great bunch of armys wow !!!

Thommy H:

I love the brawling Orcs at the top.

Looking forward to seeing proper pics of your whole army, Baggronor.


Dire Wolves

Grave Guard


Wight King with Battle Standard



Very nice work. I love the ghouls and oni varghulf. But as much as I love them they don’t top your grave guard, not by a long shot. What are your plans for everthing else that you plan to include(inperticularly your Vampire)?


Its nice that someone appreciates the Grave Guard, they were pretty much overlooked at the tournie and they were the killer in terms of workload.

I will be replacing some ghouls with skellies/zombies to get a more Samurai Army feel to it. Will also probably swap out the Wraiths for Black Knights, as the GT armies are like a magic attack bonanza. Might put the Wight King on a steed too. Maybe dump the wolves as they do literally nothing, and get a corpse cart.


WTF! Thats bull. They look so great and well done. Just another thing that makes me want to go into a forest and say the F-word for ten minutes.

Most of it sounds good. But don’t diss the wolves to much as they can help(just some personal experience I’ve had fighting them). But what about Vampires, how are you gonna make them is what I really wnat to know.