[Archive] RH Chaos Dwarfs pdf again online in italy


Hello guys,  

There are some news from games-workshop site in Italy…

Beginning with an infopack for the next gw tournament in september…

Army Points will be 2300 (possibly 2500 in the future), no special character allowed for now, 3 scenarios and terrain rules as per rulebook.

Also the pdfs of Dogs of war and Chaos dwarfs are again online and downlodable (same mistakes in italian translastion…i mean the same document, nothing new).

So what about other countries?

I can’t manage to reach uk or usa gw sites to see if it is the same…Can you check that there are similar news in your countries?

I would also like to inform you that a small interview as been released, based on questions made by Gw Tilea users, to Alessio Cavatore. Nothing is said in particular only during an Answer that GW has no room, and doesn’t want to create a new human army, specially a “collection of the best of all armies’  units”  (i.e. Dogs of War).

Should You be interested i can try during the next weekend to translate and post the interview.

I can also add more from the infopack if you like.

Cya Bros

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Thanks for posting that.  So no plans for another non human army.  This supports what I was told by the FW guys, the main studio have told them they can do whatever they want with Nippon, cathay, Ind etc.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d only really want you to translate the bits about new armies, CD etc.  Not necessarily the whole interview if it’s really long.


Give! give! :slight_smile:

I can manage a little Italian so if you pls submit the link I can check it out …



I’m guessing it’s on here somewhere

Forum Gw Tilea


GW Italy has a long reputation of doing things differently to the rest of GW (their version of Bloodbowl didn’t even include the cards), but hopefully this kind of thing will spread. Nothing on GW US yet.


Hi guys
well i can help u to find the link for pdf Chaos dwarfs (in italian)
only 2 pages…


Awesome stuff…cheers Rick1975


It’s identical to the original RH from what I can tell, no obvious changes using my limited knowledge of Italian.


Which section of the GW Italy site is that listed under? I can’t seem to find it.


Which section of the GW Italy site is that listed under?  I can't seem to find it.

Hope this will help!

For the infopack of gw tournament :
Comunità ed eventi = Community and Events
Calendario eventi = Event Schedule (or something like that XD)
3rd result (Gaming weekend 10: La nobile arte della Guerra) 2nd Page (warhammer throne of skull qualifier)

RH pdf:
Comunità ed eventi
Eventi = events
Eventi 2010 = 2010 Events
Materiale per il download = downlodable stuff

This is the link to the interview with cavatore

Cya in the evening (Italy TimeXD)


Interesting to see the Dogs of war lists there as well. I take it they are loaded on there because they are included in a games workshop run tournament?


Interesting to see the Dogs of war lists there as well.  I take it they are loaded on there because they are included in a games workshop run tournament?

That's it, Master!
Anyway i can't understand why they are allowed in a GW tournament even if it was stated by GW (and apparently confirmed by Cavatore) that they won't be redone as a stand alone army. Mistery's of Italian GW offices...

@Cornixt ... i can't understand most things happening in my Country...and it is frighteining to see that this includes GW:p


Some bad news,

On GW site (italy) FAQs have come :


Document is stated as beiong “NOT OFFICIAL AT ALL” (even if prepared by a gw employee to grant tournaments partecipation)

Most is how you imagine,

Taurus and Lammasu have rules of mosters

Lammasu has magic resistance 2

Sneaky gits have lost “lapping around”

Bad news are:

Bull Centaurs are “war beasts”

Blunderbussed are "slow to fire"

So sad guys…in my country blunderbusses can no longer stand and fire…

I’ll give you a translation tomorrow…but hope you will have fairer games than me:p


I had to change my country to Italy on the GW site so that I could download from the site using that link.

Slow to fire? Seems rather arbitrary, especially since the official GW FAQ has always had them as normal stand and shoot. There’s quite a lot more on the CDO errata (and it doesn’t all match up to that unofficial Italian one), we’ll get that finalised as soon as possible.


I think also it is quite arbitrary…considering that “slow to fire” is a rule for warmachines and not usually associated to other weapons.

We are discussing about this (thanks to Rick75) with the GW guy (I stated elsewhere i didn’ trust him too much)

So for you a quick translation of the document:



N. B.: This update was made to allow CD players to play with WHFB 8th Ed. IN NO WAY THIS CAN BE CONSIDERED AS AN OFFICIAL UPDATE. Shold you decide to play CDs in a Tournament ask the Organizers if they intend to allow them.


Special Rules

Add: CDs Lords are entitled to 100pts of magic items; heroes 50pts.

BlunderBusses: add �?o they have the special rule slow to fire"

Great taurus and Lammasu: Change previous statement with : GT is immune to fire attacks, has an Armour save 4+ and has a fire breath weapon Fo3. Lammasu has MR(2)�?�

Hobgoblin: This has no sense for you…as we switch “truppe” with “unit” : wich sounds as swith “unit” to “unit” -.-'

Sneaky gits, special rules: ignore statement after Poisoned attacks (i.e lap around)

Bull centaurs Ignore special rules "(i.e. Unit strenght)


Infantry: Lords, Heroes, warriors Hobgoblins, goblins, orcs, black orcs (with the exception of Bullcentaurs characters)

Cavarly: Hobgoblins wolf boyz

War beasts: Bullcentaur lord, hero, Bullcentaurs

Monsters: Great Taurus, Lammasu

Warmachines: Death Rocket, Hobgoblin Ballista, Earthshaker

that’s all folks!

Thommy H:

Ours is better.

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Do you still only hit on a 4+; or is it a template and thus it auto-hits anyone automatically?


Although it is technically a template, it has its own special rules that need to be followed, and that includes the 4+ to hit rolls.