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Da Crusha:

hey guys, I have put together a couple of sheets here that I think will be useful to any chaos dwarf player, a quick reference page and a chaos dwarf magic spells summary. you could keep these with your cd “book”, thats what I do. I typed up the quick reference sheet and the magic spells summary were taken out of a link that wallacer had posted regarding all warhammer spells. thanks for the link wallacer :cheers

(Sorry but we cannot have GW Material/IP/rules posted on the site-Willmark)

Border Reiver:

A couple of things:

a.  All Chaos Dwarfs pursue at 2D6-1";

b.  the wolf doesn’t confer the fast cavalry ability on the Hobgoblin Hero; and

c. The spell chart is well done.


Nice, that will come in handy.


well done. That has to be worth some slaves.


Same as Wallacer, they look very nice :slight_smile:


Nice references!

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Da Crusha:

ohh, I just noticed I should have written in that the spirit of the forge, rule of burning iron, and pit of shades all require line of sight, as well as all of the magic missles of course… x.x

edit:I have fixed the error and I have attached it as: chaos dwarf magic spells v2

Hashut’s Blessing:

Border Reiver: they FLEE and pursue 2d6"-1 actually.

Otherwise, looking good :smiley:


Sorry guys but rules cannot be posted on the site and while old RH is just that.