[Archive] Rickie's battlereports


Hi This is were I will start to compile my Battlereports. For later use I will see if I can get pictures or start using Battle chronicler.


Ok first battle.

I have been looking at using MSU CD. This first game was nothing more then a test so I wont go over it in detail. But just mention overall how it went. Also drinking was involved so I dident care to much yesterday, and today I feel a bit heavy headed.

My List

Lv4: Hashut, Great Taurus, Enchanted Sheild, Talisman of Protection

Lv2: Fire, Dispelscroll

Lv2: Metal

3x12 Infernal Gaurd: Standard, Musican

20 Hobgoblins: Standard, Musican, Bow, Shield

3 Bull centaurs: Standard, GW

2x4 Fireborn:

2 Death shrieker rockets

Dread Quake mortar

My Opponent (little brother)

lv4 Slann: Life, Book of ashur, all spells, bsb

Skink priest: dispel scroll

Scar vet: GW, Ha

2x24 Saurus Warriors: Full command

19 Teple gaurd: Full command

4 Kroxigors

2x9 Chameleon Skinks

2x2 Salamanders

I knew It would be hard to get the slann and his bodygaurds, so I mostly ignored them and they were my main target for ashstorm. They dident get much anything done.

First priority was killing off his chaff and that went easily enough with my list. Hobgoblins shot off and panicked both units of chameleon skinks off the board turn one.

My Lv4 and a unit of warriors made short work off one of the salamanders while another unit of warriors killed the other. so Chaff removed by my turn two.

I concentrated all my shooting at one of the saurus units, the one containing the Scarvet. The mortar claimed many lizards, and eventually in turn 4 they were killed of by a unit off warriors.

At that point my opponent conceded, He had his slann and TG block with the second block of SW left. I had just lost a Death rocket a unit of warriors and one unit of Fireborn. So I was way ahead in points.

And he saw that I was going for the avoid battle at all costs strategy. At most He would have gotten the remaining Fireborn.

Toughts, Well winning was nice. Dident go all as planned and I was to cowadly with my Bull Centaurs.

I really do feel That at least one unit of wolf raiders to go with the Bulls would be nice. Since at least in this game I saw no point in having the Demonsmiths be level 2 I can get points for them there.


You may want to consider Std of Discipline for BC unit. Its only 15pts and makes them ld 9. whichthey should be anyway.


haha this really feel like necromancy for real. Sadly my other hobbys are more cost and time efficiant.

Had a trial 2k points battle today. Havent had a real game for ages and this was a nice way to get some rust off.

Still trying to see if MSU is a viable option for the CD’s. Sadly my opponent for the evning were Wood Elfs, and cant say I fear them as a CD general. And the guy I played is to new to this to be able to pull off anything really sick.

Excuse crappy picks and bad write up.

My list

LV4, lore of hashut

Enchanted shield, Talisman of preservation, Dispel scroll


wolf, Light Armour, Spear

3x12 Warriors

GW, Standard, Musician

2x4 Fireborn

2 Deathrockets


Wood Elves

Lv4, lore of Beasts

Cant remeber the outkit he had.

Wild Rider Noble

Helm of the hunt, Hail of doom arrow


Eagle, Dragon Helm, Ogre Blade

2x8 Dryads

2x10 Glade Guard

11 Glade Guard (mage bunker)

Banner of swiftness

7 Wild Riders (cant rember how many he had)

8 War Dancers

4 Treekin

1 Great Eagle


I rolled 6 for my weapon (2+ to wound) and spells 1,2,3,5. Downgraded spell 1 for sig, aftertought now is I should have gotten rid of 5 instead.

WE rolled spear, curse, wildform, savage beast.

Deployment kinda looked like this.

From bottom to top and left to right.

Rocket, Fireborn, rocket, khan, Warriors with LV4, warriors, warriors, Fireborn, Destroyer.

Glade Gaurd, Dryads, War Dancers, Glade Gaurd, Glade Gaurd mage bunker, Wild riders with noble, treekin, Great Eagle, Great Eagle noble (The big eagle)

Wanted to keep my back and warmachines safe for a couple of turns atleast. So just deployed on one half of the board. Felt the Destroyer and the Impassable terrain in the middle would work to my advantage making it hard to slip past my line.

Turn 1

I got turn one.

Just moved up fullspeed, while using the destroyer and a unit of warriors to secure my top flank.

Magic and shooting did nothing.

My opponent seems to want to go round the terrain in the middle and hit my flank and rear. But sets up his wildriders next to the terain facing downwards. Shooting and magic he got some warriors and a wound on my Khan.

Turn 2

Destroyer fails a Toughnes test, takes 1 wound.

I kept on advancing. Feeling that he would not be able to present a strong enogh force from the flank I moved the destroyer up. My awsome hill was kinda dubious so I debased him and the cigarette pack is holding the base in place.

Magic did nothing but the Deathrockets were able to kill 6 of his wardancers.

Forgot to take a Pic.

But he tried to place his Eagle Noble infront of my destroyer but couldent block his path completly.

So he moved his dryads outa it’s charge range so they ended up infront of his middle gladegaurd unit.

Magic and shooting, nothing major happend I belive some warrios die I guess.

Turn 3

Fireborn charge and totally destroys the Dryads, overruns in to Glade Gaurds.

The other Fireborn unit just keeps advancing on the bottom Gladegaurds.

The Khan moves up to redirect the Wild Riders so they cant flank the Fireborn.

Destroyer ignores the Eagle noble and positions himself to hopefully take down the whole WE army on his own.

Judging that there is no real threat on the flank I move up my anchor unit of warriors to suport.

Got Hatred of on the firborn, shooting did nothing.

Wardancers Charge my Sorcerer bunker trying to Asssasinate him with Killing Blow dance. They fail but my sorcerer striking back unfoutunatly wounds himself in his eagerness to draw blood (Rolled 6 on magic weapon, possesd). Somehow both Wardansers manage to stay alive.

Glade Guard actually holds against the Fireborn in combat. Think he got Wildform on them and Curse on the Fireborns.

Wild Riders decided not to charge my Khan, if He would be forced to overrun it could have ended badly for him, but wildriders arent forced to do that right?

Eagle nooble is once again infroont of my Destroyer, I suspect a 2+ flame ward I do.

The eagle see 2 ungaurded Warmachines and thinks to himself “Free Points” So he moves past my lines.

Rest of his army closes in from the top.

Shotting prolly dident do much. But magic was brutal. I failed a dispel so he got of Curse, Wildform and killed 2 Fireborns with the spear.

Turn 4

Having had enough harasment Destroyer charges the Eagle noble. Fireborn charge the Bottom Glade gaurds.

The rest advance. Make a huge blunder here, Should have aligned the Khan so that war riders could kill it in combat and either settle for that or overcharge in to my warriors.

Magic got of AOE Hatred, shooting killed the lonsome lonley Eagle. First rocket hit and did 1 wound… Secound rocket also hit and did six :slight_smile:

In combat the Lower Fireborn made short work of the gladeguard. Breaking them and opting to reform to help out the Destroyer if need be.

The destroyer with hatred put 8 wounds in to the Eagle noble. Just one slipped by the wardsave. Takes one wound himself for his troubels.

In the middle the damn Gladeguards once again manages to remain in place. And reinforcments are so very close.

Treekin Charges the flank of the Fireborns, The Dryads i chosed to ignore charge my anchor warriors in the flank. Wild Riders charge the Khan that elects to flee, gets away by jumping over the warrior unit, wild riders redirect in to the warriors.

In magic he gets of Savage beasts on the WR Noble.

Destroyer Finishes of the Eagle Noble in combat, and my bunker finally rids themselves of the War Dancer meanace.

Wildriders kill all but 2 warriors, man did I underestimate them. They get away but the poor khan happend to be standing in the WR’s path end took a trip to gobbo heaven.

Fireborn are finally able to finish of the Gladegaurds, and with burning bright even able to put 2 wounds on the Treekin. Actually manages to win combat and reform to face the new enemy.

Dryads manage to win combat and the anchor fails it reform test.

Turn 5

Destroyer charges WR’s.

Shooting does nothing but manage to lower his magebunker leadership by one with magic. did it with total power thou and mage takes a wound and some warriors die.

Destroyer kills the WR noble takes a wound and the WR’s reform.

Somehow my 2 Fireborns are able to beat the trekins in combat and then proced to run em down.

Anchor either wins or lose small and reforms.

Forgot to take pic.

He gets spear throu at the Fireborn and manages to kill both of them, sad really seeing the heros of my army fall like that at the finish line ^^

Destroyer kills all but one Wildrider who manages to get away, also he jumps over my anchor unit making another charge futile.

Dryads still manage to hold on somehow.

Turn 6

Tierd as we were we just kinda mucked up. I could have shot at the last WR but dident se it worth the risk as I already had the win.

In the absolute last combat face the dryads actually manages to win and break my ancor unit, but fail to catch them.

Final taly were something like 505 to 1300+. So a pretty clear CD’s win.

Got kinda scared in turn four, with a misstake on my part and the damn gladegaurds that just refused to die. All in all some rust should hopefully have fallen off.