[Archive] RiP Terry Pratchett


Just seen this on Facebook - Sir Terry Pratchett has passed away today :frowning:


That’s sad indeed to hear. He produced many enjoyable novels. Rest in peace.


Only upshot (for his family at lest) is at least he’s passed before his Alzheimer’s took hold; I imagine having to watch him slowly decline before his death would be worse than him passing now while he’s still himself.


It’s been only three years since I first read a Discworld novel. Handed to me by a (then) stranger. Three years later my son is named after the stranger turned best friend.

Sad Sir Pratchett is gone. Glad the Alzheimers didn’t get to break him all down.


I met him once at a book/ poster signing many, many years ago. I’m going to guess 1995. I had a poster signed that’s long since been thrown away. Don’t really remember anything about the meeting.