[Archive] Rise From Your Grave!


We return, in one fashion or another! I have restored much of the forum save for a bunch of the pluggins, which I will be readding overtime. My priotity was getting the forum working first and foremost.

That’s all for now, it’s too late to type anymore… time for some sleep.

Everyone come back now please! :hat off




Congrats getting the site back up. :cheers


Thanks, it has been quite a struggle, believe me!


I gather. Webhosts can be a real pain eh?

The podcast was a really good idea to get the message out to people stuff was still happening.

I know I haven’t posted at all really before now but I have been lurking from time to time and I’m happy to see the site back up. :slight_smile:

Ghrask Dragh:


Well done Xander :cheers Thanks for all your hard work on getting the site back together and good luck with what you have left to do :hat off

Oh and welcome Calvin, not 2 minutes we have been back and we already have a new member :cheers


Hey, the site is back again! hurray

Perhaps now I will get the motivation to paint all those CD Warriors I have converted before Christmas.

Can´t wait to see this site buzzing with evil-stunty-ish life again,



Yah we are back!

As I told Xander on numerous IM’s it feels like I was going through withdrawal for the last few weeks! Now my favorite home on the web is back!


Oh wait now I’ll slip back spending massive amounts of time posting on this site… DAMN YOU XANDER!!! :wink:

Anywas well done


Wow, although work on my little chaos blighters has been backtracked a little bit I really missed this site, it’s great to have it back :cheers .

Glad to be able to follow those great army blogs once more.

Hats off to Xander :hat off


Pyro Stick:


Finally. But today i have to finish an Open University Assignment so i wont be able to post much cry cry


Welcome back from the dead - or nearly dead :slight_smile:

Nice to se this site back online - thx Xander - and a very good work :cheers




My life is back! Lol… No way… Great to see the site up and running again.


- Kyte


Glad to see all of you guys back! Hopefully not too much momentum has been lost!



Heh, anyone notice anything wrong with the title if this thread? I guess Xander was up late like a busy little hobgoblin.


lol, INDEED.

Pyro Stick:

Lol i noticed that too. Got a bit too excited did you xander?

Well its a shame i havent done any painting since the sites been down. I almost finished my archaon on foot but i am sure its been cursed. Everytime i finish carefully glueing it it somehow chucks itself off the table, lands on its head, everything falls apart, helmet horns bend and paint chips off. Im too sickened by it that i havent finished it. Its fallen 4 times now.


Yes, I did get a bit excited, and simultaneously very tired. :stuck_out_tongue:


hey the site back up they day i return, must be good luck …mwahahahahahahaha

Traitor King:

And once more, the Dwai Zharr shall rise to power! :mask

Good to see the sites back up, I’ve missed the place.


Now finally, I can be motivated to paint my Chaotic Dorfs again!


Grats Xander! thanks for all the hard work you’re putting in on the site and keeping this community running.

Obligatory Altered Beast quote in reply to thread title:

“Welcome to your doom!”