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Seeing as the Helstorm rocket battery represents the earliest style of military rockets (using the guide sticks), and also does not have fins, how advanced should the CD ones be?

Most of the ones I’ve seen look more like a firing platform for a single rocket, most with at least 4 fins.

Historically would the Hale rocket be the next stage of development before we get to ones with fins?

Or would the CD have progressed beyond that?

Having finless ones would allow for rapid fire action, compared to loading each one on the rack.

Or would ones with fins allow them to be bigger, creating more devestation in relation to how it actually looks?


Considering that death rockets are used in very short range on battlefields fins are hardly necessary. Fins are only really necessary on long range rockets that require stabilisation or direction changing.

The rockets used in a warhammer game are so short range that they are basically just glorified fireworks.


The Deathrocket has fins… though I doubt they are very effective. In fact, wasn’t the Deathrocket wildly inaccurate for that very reason.


What would the fins do given the short range of missile fire in Warhammer? By the time the fins could be of any use the rocket has already hit something.


They are front fins, so they don’t interfere with the firing tube.


actually the ealiest and simplest system the Korean Hwacha involved rocket propelled arrows from a launcher. The topic was covered on MYTHBUSTERS which they actually created one and demonstrated how one works. I think this would be the perfect way for the Chaos Dwarfs to Launch their Death Rockets just bigger and more powerful. Thats what I envisioned anyway.

Hope that helps :hat off

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Strange that with such small holes that they didn’t strip the tail feathers off the arrows when they launched it.


In 5th edition army book they described a large rocket that got out of control landing on a goblin camp outside the city walls. I suppose with large, long range rockets Cds have tried soem sort of fins but something went wrong…


About here:


Tarrakk Blackhand:

Now that’s awesome!

Good find Revlid!


It’s a Forge World Ork model. I saw it used as a Death Rocket in a Soviet-themed army a while back, and that’s about the tech-level I’d like to see for Death Rockets, although smaller and minus the face. And probably the side-wings.


I have that in my army as one of my death rockets see the link for painted photos and more http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=3754&page=5

ps photos of it are the very bottom of the page