[Archive] rolljordan doing CD's for bloodbowl

Da Crusha:

hey guys I just found this thread about rolljordan doing bloodbowl cd’s. too bad we didnt catch this earlier, it started about 7 months ago. seems like its been cold since december but someone bumped it recently.



CDO service for those who isn’t a member at TalkFF:

I actually recall that poll - but never saw the resin prototype. Wonder why he didn’t posted it here as well??!! And thanks, for resurrect the old thread :hat off

Sad to see, that he didn’t go for #1

But it’s still a awesome sculpt - lots of details:


CDO service for those who isn't a member at TalkFF:

Thanks for linking to these clam, I had tried to look and had the same problem... that model is looking nice.



any ideas if & when these may be released, they could be converted quite easily into CD warriors


No idea - but Rolljordan’s thread started with this:

Ok don’t get excited yet :slight_smile: they are no where soon to get produced… I just need some input.

Rolljordan @ TalkFF
That was half a year ago!


They are coming :slight_smile: slowly bit they are coming. The CD in the pic is going to be a limited ed prize for tournament support. :slight_smile:


Isn’t that guy pretty tall for a Chaos Dwarf?


How tall is a dwarf supposed to be? Think 21-22mm to the eye is pretty common - but I also do like them smaller than that. Like old Marauders :wink:

Looking forward seeing your (your team’s) take on the evil stunties. And hopefully you won’t forget posting their progress here as well.

And regarding the limited edition one: Will he be made available to the general public - or is he only available for the tournament attendees?


Looks ace althought a bit tall (visually I mean, like the Mantic Dwarfs) but the detailing is nice. :slight_smile:


Needs to be a bit more squat in my opinion, like the look however.


I would definately buy a chaos dwarf team produced along these lines. Please put this model on general release at any rate - he’s by far the coolest Chaos Dwarf that’s been made for BB as far as I can see.

Border Reiver:

I would definitely be up for that as a CD Team.


while i do prefer my stunties a little shorter i am still looking forward to being able to pick up some of these dwarfs - even that limited ed providing he is made somewhat available and i am aware. Very nice.