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Anyone still play them? If so what do you play? And no I’m not talking about MMORPGs…

What do you like, what do wish you “dream system” had, etc…

Thommy H:

I’ve played some D&D in my time but, to be honest, I’ve written more RPGs than I’ve played. FUDGE is the closest I’ve found to my ideal system (that I didn’t myself write) but that’s more like a mechanic than a full game - it’s a really good mechanic though. Also, everyone with at least a passing interest in RPGs owes it to themselves to look up and download Risus, which is the simplest and funniest game system ever.

Ancient History:

I write for Shadowrun, and in my time I’ve played a lot of systems.


Funny you should mention “write your own” Thommy. The reason I’m in the process of unearthing my on again off again homemade RPG called Quest.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I will try any of them and am now a member of the RP club at university. I do Warhammer, Vampire-Masquerade, Conan and have previously done D&D. I am soon to do Changeling or Mage or a different Vampire game. Also, I’m an administrator on Roleplay Refuge, where we don’t use statted roleplays, we just do story-driven ones (though, I did try to do a statted one, but people that signed up never started it). If people would like the address, I shall post it here and only here, so as to avoid advertising…

Thommy H:

Oh, I probably ought to give a shout out to the roleplaying/creative writing game I’ve been playing continuously online for about three years and for which I’ve amassed enough prose to fill several novel-sized books.


I have played AD&D and starwars roleplaying, my group and I will probaly start again this summer.


Best system I’ve seen is Green Ronin’s Mutants and Masterminds for a super-hero based game.

Just an amazing system. Fast, flexible, balanced (well, for the most part and it warns what powers are not balanced). Emphasis is on concepts and fluff is up to you. Example: You get a power that lets you attack at range. You can describe it as guns, lightning, knives, etc up to you, and it all does the same thing.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I forgot Star Wars (Pre-Saga Edition) and then remembered to add it in, but by the time I’d finished the sentence I was typing, i’d forgotten again :stuck_out_tongue: