[Archive] Rule- Charging Charged models


Rare Situation- You have been charged by bretonian knights which crushed the hobo unit shielding your chaos dwarf warriors. The Knight pursue the hobo into the CDWs. During your turn you charge the flank of the knights with a unit. I understand that the two charging units go first, and they strike first off IN.

The main question is with the bonus bretonians receive for being in a charge formation add the attacks form the outside knights. If counter charged, due the attacks still get conveyed attacks?

I tried to make this question as simple as possible being such an awkward question.


well, I’ve always gone in order of charge declaration… being that the brets charged first (due to overkill pursuit) I’d give them the attacks adn then the flanking unit would negate them after the first turn of that combat.


Here is the rule stating the first text on charging charged units.

“In the following combat phase the pursuers will still count as charging.

This may result in both sides having charging units in the same fight, in which case the charging units on both sides will get the normal bonuses for charging and will strike before units that have not charged. If charging models are fighting other models that count as charging, solve their attacks in Initiative order (roll if same Initiative).” pg 45 (last paragraph)


Something similar came up in a tourney I was in, and we had to look it up. Anyone who charged (Brets and flankers) still get all bonuses from charging (lance +2, lance formation extra attacks, etc). “Both sides will get the normal bonuses for charging” as you quoted from the rulebook above.


At one time I was told that is was treated like when a unit charges a Empire unit and the detachment charges them. The Detachment attacks first in that situation.

So the Chaos Dwarf unit charging into the Bretonnians would attack first, then the Bretonnians. I’ve emailed the rules trolls at GW to see if that is the case but it makes sense.


"Both sides will get the normal bonuses for charging" as you quoted from the rulebook above.

I've been debating this in my head for a day now thinking about it.

Does that mean they get the normal charging bonuses or the normal charging bonuses and the special rules for charging? :) I need to find what the lance formation is exactly and the precise wording.

I reread the empire detachments and yes in that in counter charges the counter charge goes before the charge.... BUT this is a detachments rule and is only in the empire book.


If the Charging Chaos Dwarfs kill enough models (depending on ranks) they would stop those models from attacking. Since the Bretonnians have the Lance Formation all the models on either side of the formation attack on the charge any models killed would prevent them from attacking.

Thommy H:

Yeah, this really isn’t that complicated.

- All charging units strike before non-charging units, in order of Initiative.

- All charging units get all the normal bonuses they would get for charging.

So the Knights on the outside of the formation get to attack, and they all get +2 Strength for having lances. If the knights on the side get killed before they attack (unlikely unless there’s a character in the Chaos Dwarf unit - the Knights have higher Initiative) then obviously they don’t get to attack, as always.