[Archive] Rule of the Day


As a 6th / 7th edition player who took a break when 8th was released, I am now back into the game in full force.

I’m now on a quest to know / live / learn all of the 8th ed. details.

To further that goal, I will be posting a “Rule of the Day” over on my blog or on twitter. I will also eventually add it to FB and will post on the blog / tweet when it is live.

Blog = http://www.domusmaximus.blogspot.com/

Twitter = @ginger_buddha

Feel Free to PM, Tweet, or leave suggestions for a RotD through the blog.



Thommy H:

8th Edition is very much a return to first principles - I think we all had to throw a lot of assumptions out of the window, which can only be a good thing, in my opinion. Sometimes you have to slay those sacred cows. I’ll keep an eye on your blog.