[Archive] rules for rare models


are there rules for all the rare models out there like the white dwarf, the black dwarf, marco columbo, josef bugman, ogre slaver braugh, kordel shogaar, chaos siege gun, squig racers, and the kroot bird

Pyro Stick:

Well rules for the White Dwarf and Marco COlumbo are in the magazine White Dwarf, Braugh came with rules i think, if kordel shorgaar has rules they will be in the Storm of Chaos, kroot bird will probably in a forge world publicatioan and i dont know where you could find the rules for the rest.

Lord Zarkov:

Joseph Bugman is on the GW website, and the seige gun should probably be used as a Hellcannon

Kera foehunter:

Joseph Bugman is also in the new dwarf book.


the white dwarf: There are several editions in fact, all published in White Dwarf

the black dwarf: Not for a long time - nothing to stop you making up your own though

marco columbo: White Dwarf circa the Lustria campaign

josef bugman: GW online

ogre slaver braugh: Don’t think so - if there are they come with the model

kordel shogaar: Nope, he was just given a name for the camaign just like the generals of all the other studio chaos armies

chaos siege gun,squig racers, and the kroot bird: Never heard of these

Pyro Stick:

chaos siege gun,squig racers, and the kroot bird: Never heard of these

The Squig racers are from a games day event:

The Kroot Bird is a forge world model so the rules would be in a forge world Imperial Armoue publication. Isnt this the siege gun?:


thats the one