[Archive] Rules Q - Dwarfs & Skullcracker


  1. Just wondering if for steam carriage related rules if a Skullcracker can be used…? I suspect yes but I find it unclear

    - Sub question: does anyone use steam carriages and why?

    2. Can we use non-infernal guard chaos dwarfs? I suspect only as war machine crew, their stats included for completeness



  1. yes, seeing as the skullcracker is an option. So you still field an iron deamon.

    2. we have characters and ironsworn as non-infernal guard chaos dwarfs. But beside that we can’t.

Hashut’s Blessing:

  1. The skullcracker is a form of upgrade. Same principle as upgrading a sorcerer-prophet to level 4: it’s still a sorcerer-prophet.

    1b) I don’t recall anyone here using it. Mostly because the Iron Daemon wants to be near the enmey and the Dreadquake Mortar, Deathshrieker and Magma Cannon don’t.

    2) Sorcerer-prophet, Daemonsmith, Dark/Infernal Castellan, Infernal Guard, Deathmask, Ironsworn (and whatever the Ironsworn leader is called) and crewmen are all the Chaos Dwarfs available in Tamurkhan. Oh, Drazoath as well, of course.


The only way to play the steam carriage “efficacy” is for the effect “hard cover” and “defended obstacle”… As it seems not to force the CD player to necessary attach them to an iron daemon to grant these bonus…
Maybe an english native can confirm this, but it seems that the rule’s description is cut in 4 parts
1) Fluffy Option itself : Mounted on a steam carriage
2) Fluffy option : Towed by an iron
3) If mounted on a steam carriage, then while attached, no move under their own power. Rule for the 2)
4) Mounted on a steam carriage : bonus → rule for the 1), with no contradiction with the 3). Maybe the steam carriage itself grants these bonus, without having to have an iron pulling them…

Thommy H:

Yes, those bonuses work even when the war machines aren’t attached to the Iron Daemon. They represent the simple physical effect of putting a cannon on a raised, wheeled platform.


So then… It might be worth giving a dreadquake mortar hellbound and carriage (with ogre) just to make it that much harder to shift? (W7 T8, -2 to hit shooting, -1 to hit HtH).

Thommy H:

Yes, but remember you have to have an Iron Daemon in your army to take the steam carriage upgrade.