[Archive] Russian Flavored CD from Scibor Monstrous (WiPs)

Grahg the Elfmuncher:

Found them on Warseer.



There is already a thread open about this:


but thanks anyway. :wink:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Those models are very nice. I like the fine attention to detail as reguards the insignia on the shields and logo’s on the hats. The guns for the Blunderbuss crew are exceptionally interesting with more scribe work on the handle and the skull on the barrel end.

I would be interested in knowing how to get that very fine “Wire” in Greenstuff that this sculptor used for his etching work without squishing it. Do the sculpters do their Green Stuff all in one piece, or little bits at a time and allow for drying time in between before appling another strip of Green Stuff?

(Ok, it’s not an etching, but I forget what you call this type of scrolled work.)


I think Scibor uses a relief mould he’s made for each piece. So he’d just press and roll it over something, then when it’s done it’s all finished.

I did see a thread or link somewhere about how he does this, but I can’t remember where.

Lord Archaon:

@ Grimstonefire

here it is:


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Tarrakk Blackhand:

Would it be considered “spam” if I just copied and pasted my previous post into the already existing thread that Grim provided the link to? We’d have to close this one, of course. (No offense Grahg)


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