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another threat( this threat: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=8483) got me thinking to do rust on my armor, so i was wondering how.
so: do you guys have any ideas on how to paint rust on your armour? Fequiil


so: do you guys have any ideas on how to paint rust on your armour?

In the past i've done it with base layer in the 'rusty bits' of snakebite with a tiny bit of bot gun metal, then a dry brush of vomit brown, with a hint of snake bite leather.

It looked reasonable, but there are better ways I bet.


I have a couple methods I use, all depending on how much rust I want on the model.

If I want to go heavy rust, I paint the area in Reaper Pro-Paint “Rust”, which is a deep orange. After that, I do a heavy stippling of Vallejo Panzer Aces “Dark Rust”, which is a reddish Brown. Finally, I do a wet/dry brush of Vallejo Gunmetal over it. It looks pretty good, especially for my Nurgle Chaos warriors.  

For lighter rust, I start with the base of gunmetal and then stipple or dry brush on the rust and (optionally) dark rust.

I have also used RUSTALL, which gives a very good, realistic rust effect.

There are probably better ways to do it, but here are a couple heavy examples of mine:


thank you for your comments!


Splotches of rust:

Paint metal as normal, including dark washes.

Stipple scorched brown where you want the rust.

While still wet, stipple bestial brown and blazing orange, here and there.

Drybrush with original metal colouring.


thanks for sharing, GRNDL


Get some rust pigments. Mig is the established leader in this, although Forgeworld has a nice range as well (and stardust, and doc browns etc etc.) If you check out my website www.lostinthewarp.com - you will see reviews of different lines and at least one or two tutorials on how to use it.

I used them extensively in my GD/FW BOS winning diorama here:


Very nice diorama, MR. Tkkultist, I believe I had the honour in seeing it in the “flesh” at the very last Games Day I went to.



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