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Still new to Warhammer and especially to converting…  Here’s my first finished model for Chaos Dwarfs; Chaos Dwarf Lord on Great Taurus:

I’m gonna pull a Wallacer and put everything on the front page…  :cheers

BFSP Warriors

Bolt Thrower (guess this won’t work in LoA :frowning: )

Death Rocket/Deathshriekers

BFSP Blunderbussers


Iron Daemons

Magma Cannon



Dreadquake Mortar

Sorcerer w/ Lammasu:


Dreadfleet ship:

20 Hobgoblins:

5 Bull Centaurs:

6 K’daai Fireborn:

10 Wolfriders:

Infernal Guard with handweapons:

Destoyer 1:

Destroyer 2:

Whole Train:

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



i think the head on the great taurus may be a bit big and also the dwarf lord may be a bit bg but apart from that it looks great, how long did it take you to do

Ghrask Dragh:


How much of that bull is sculpted? really great job on the painting, the taurus skin looks like muscle and sinew :sick I would like to see some pics of the rider up close, his beard guard looks impressive, I think it’s all a very good conversion!!



I worked on it off and on over several weeks, but I’d say I spent around 3-4 hours putting it together and another 3 or so painting.

It is huge; about the same height as a Giant, but I figured if the base was the right size, it would be alright… :wink:

The dwarf is just a Thane from BFSP; I used a Chaos Knight shield, which may be making him look larger.

Thanks for the comments! :hat off


Surprisingly little is sculpted on the bull. It’s a cheap $3 horse from Wal-Mart combined with a Bull from a farm set. I used the horses body and the feet and head of the bull; The tail is a marauder flail and the wings are from a schleich dragon.

Kera foehunter:

look great love the ear rings!! love the beard of the cd


WOW This looks GREAT! The whole package is awesome!

Love the shield too.


Really “great” piece of a “mini” … :hat off

I like it! :cheers

But I have two points to criticize … :expressionless:

At first I think the tail looks good but much too small for that huge Taurus!

And (at least at the pics) the colour looks too glossy for my taste, a bit more faint will make the Taurus more realistic!

Beside this small objections real cool stuff! :slight_smile:


the unheard one:

that model is really cool but i would have to agree the tail is a bit too small. it is really good for your first try at a chaos dwarf, I hope to see more from you.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

That is quite large and impressive! I’m wondering what made you start with the Great Taurus as a starting point for a CD army. Most people would just be content converting the BFSP figures.


Great work!

The head of the bull is just… Wow! The face really has monster’s expression.:hashut Not angry or evil, just a bestial calm look. The whole mini really gives the feeling of power. Love it!


I’m not sure why I started with this one… I remember looking through old GW catalogs years ago, and that was one of my favorite models.

I played it this weekend and my friend’s Chaos army was totally scared of it; he refused to let his lord come into combat with it (probably because I’d already slaughtered 2 units with it… :wink: )

Border Reiver:

The only thing I can criticize about this beast is the slightly glossy finish. other than that my big hat is off you, that is an extremely dynamic pose and looks fabulous.


yeah, I meant to mention that earlier… I started using a clear coat that wasn’t the official GW one, and I think that’s what did it, although it’s not as noticeable on smaller units… :mask


whew! still trying to get ready in time for the May 9 Armies on Parade in Baltimore. Here’s my recent completions; I’m almost done with a unit of 10 wolfriders as well…

Chaos Dwarf Warriors

Bolt Throwers

Tall Hat Death Rocket

Converted Death Rocket


I am just a huge fan of the mud color scheme u use.

I only think your gold is a bit too shyny


I like your use of more muted colours, although I’d recommend you give HotStuff’s beard-sculpting guide a once-over.

Kera foehunter:

great army !!! you did a great paint job too


Thanks for the kind words, everyone!  :hat off  I’ve been meaning to update for a while, so here’s a ton!  :D




Bull Centaurs:

Hellcanon (Or Earthshaker :wink: )

My Army on Parade, which I displayed at the Baltimore Games Day:


hmmm… not sure what’s going on with the wolf pic… that’s weird. :frowning: