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Hey guys, came up with this guy last night, what do you think?

C&C appreciated.

Ryzak Mastersmith of Gorgoth


3 6 3 4 5 3 3 3 9

Gorgoth is known as the intellectual centre of Chaos Dwarf engineering. Being far away from prying eyes and having a large supply of disposable test subjects it made the perfect construction and testing site for the guild of Daemonsmiths�?T more eccentric ideas, the place where nightmares are made and tested before mass production in Zharr Nagrrund.

Overseeing the laboratories and testing ranges is Ryzak, the greatest Daemonsmith to date, and the mastermind behind the Malak Azul Invasion class submersible.

From his dark forges come the greatest and most dangerous devices imaginable that test the limits of Chaos Dwarf technology many of which are too dangerous to be wielded by any but the most experienced Daemonsmiths and High Priests.


Armour of the Furnace

Tazarak the Bound

Special Rules

Slave Lords, Unyielding, Diabolic Manipulator, Battle of Minds

Battle of minds

The constant fight to control the wrathful will of his daemonic weapon makes it difficult to keep track of events. Ryzak suffers from Stupidity.

Tazarak the Bound

Tazarak was once a most gifted son of Khorne. Lieutenant to Skarbrand himself, The Destroyer of the Athael Gate, The Harvester of Souls. But his arrogance got the better of him. Tempted by blood and slaughter offered in his name he materialised to impresses upon his followers his grandeur and might only to be ensnared in chains of black fire and dragged into a blade of obsidian glass cut exactly to his unique essence. Now he rages in silence, trapped in a plane of black glass scheming his would-be master�?Ts demise. Some day he will have his revenge, some day he will escape…

Cause fear; Greater Daemon; Devil�?Ts Gate, Treacherous Heart

Bound Might

Refer to the details for bound daemon on pg 35 but increase any results on the roll from +1 to +3.

Devil�?Ts Gate

Ryzak uses Tazarak to draw forth the dark denizens of chaos and enslave them to his will. Although he can never guarantee which Daemons will be summoned (it is the Realm of Chaos after all), whatever is summoned is sure to be destructive. The use of Tazarak�?Ts own body as a conduit to the Realm of Chaos causes immense pain to the greater daemon but, Ryzak really couldn�?Tt care less…

Bound Spell, power level 10

If cast successfully the spell summons 2d6 Daemons (from the Daemons of Chaos Army Book) in an area of open ground 2d6�?� or less from Ryzak. If there is no open ground (ie. All space is either taken up by dangerous terrain or other models) large enough to

contain the Daemons, they are not summoned and Ryzak will no longer be able to cast this spell for the rest of the battle. Assuming there is enough space, however, the Daemons summoned will be randomly determined by a d6 roll, refer to the chart below for the result:

1: Bloodletters of Khorne

2: Daemonettes of Slaanesh

3: Plaguebearers of Nurgle

4. Horrors of Tzeentch

5. D3 Chaos Spawn are summoned instead

6: Chaos Dwarf player�?Ts choice.

Treacherous Heart

Should Ryzak ever miss with 2 or more attacks, suffer an unsaved wound or fail to successfully cast his weapon�?Ts bound spell Tazarak will attempt to turn the tables on his pernicious jailer.

Roll a d6, on a 4+ Tazarak inflicts d6 S 5 hits on Ryzak, on a roll of a 6 he breaks free. Place a daemon in Ryzak�?Ts place or as close as possible using the stats below. He counts for all intents and purposes as a third army, and will be controlled by a (unbiased hopefully, no other Chaos Dwarf players may control Tazarak for example, since they undoubtedly would control him to further their own nefarious ends) third player. If no third player is available, then Tazarak will simply be subject to Frenzy and must charge the closest unit, of any army. He may not take a Leadership check to restrain his charge.


Tazarak the Unbound 6 7 0 5 4 2 7 5 8

Monstrous Infantry

Special Rules

Hatred, Heroic Killing blow, Flaming Attacks, 5+ ward save, Magic Resistance (2)


The areas I feel need working;

'an area of open ground 2d6�?� or less from Ryzak’

Imo you should say they form a Mixed Unit with Ryzak/Tazarak, and after the first time it is cast, models from the same god have to be added to the unit. Tazarak and Ryzak cannot join another unit.

I think it would be a lot simpler simply having him turn into a spawn, but instead of being able to point him in the right direction you use the scatter dice and treat everyone as an enemy model.  The number of wounds he has would remain unchanged (so if he’s lost one it would not replenish in the transformation). He would have to leave the daemon unit though.


hmm, perhaps although the stats represent Tazarak escaping rather than Ryzak being possessed. And I wanted something suitably bad to happen for fun and unpredictability.

I like the idea with the mixed unit
any idea on points cost? Im guessing 375 maybe 400pts?
Thanks for the comment!


Hmm, no I wouldn’t put him near that.

I’ll presume with 3 wounds he is a lord. But based on him having 2 wounds and those stats I’d put him nearer 200-250 pts maybe??


Thanks grim! That’s a lot less than I thought!

Yeah he is 3 wounds so perhaps 275.