[Archive] Sacraficial Altar


A sacrificial altar is a monument to Hashut. Normally comprised of a giant obsidian bowl around which is arranged the many and painful tools of torture. In long lines that slowly dwindle as the days pass, stand the slaves. They wait trembling, kneeling and praying.

First the demon-kin are bound to the frail bodies of the slaves. Next then using many sharp instruments there internal organs are slowly ripped out. Until after long minutes of gradual death it is finished with stab of a ritual pole-axe.


Altar - - - - 7 3 - - 9

Priests 3 3 3 3 4 1 2 1 9

Altar Guard 3 4 3 4 4 1 2 2 9

Victims 3 1 0 2 2 1 2 1 3

Unit Size: The Altar is accompanied by one Priest and five Altar Guards. The Altar Guards are armed with great weapons and throwing axes. The priest carries two hand weapons. There are 6 Victims.

Special Rules:

War Machine: The Altar is a war machine.

Unbreakable:The Altar-Guard and Victims are Unbreakable and stubborn.

Bound: The Altar Guards and Victims are treated as the Altars crew.

Blessed by Hashut: The Altar has 5+ ward save.

Meat-shields: The Chaos Dwarf player may choose to allocate all shooting attacks to the Victims until none are left. When all Victims are destroyed allocate all wounds from shooting to the Altar Guard.

Victims: Each turn the Priest may choose to sacrifice up to three victims. Each victim provides one cast of the spells mentioned bellow. For every Chain-gang that is destroyed in 36" you may also cast a spell listed below. For every victim or chain-gang “sacrificed” roll 2D6. On the roll of a double 1, the Altar misfires.

Foul Spells of the Altar:


The ground heaves and shudders as the fire in

the earth is bubbled and boiled to extreme


Choose one unit, friend or foe on the board that

is in LOS of the Priest. This unit suffers D6 S2

hits with no ward saves. Their movement is also


Hashut’s fury:

The fire and rage of Hashut is bestowed on the

warriors of Hashut. Nothing can withstand the

fury of their axes now.

Choose D3 units of Chaos Dwarfs on the board.

Note that Hob-Goblins, Slaves, sorcerers, War machines

(But not their crew) cannot benefit from the effects of

this spell. These units have the special rules Hatred and Frenzy

until the following magic phase.

Spontaneous Combustion:

The fires of Hashut find their way into the chambers of

the enemy’s powder weapons. Sometimes causing misfires

or explosions.

Pick D3 units with powder weapons. This includes cannon,

pistols, rifles, handguns and blunderbusses. For missile troops

work out D3 S5 hits distributed as shooting. For cannon, treat

as if a misfire had just been rolled.