[Archive] (Sale/Trade) OOP Elfs, Orcs, Gobos, Brets OOP Dwarfs NEW STUFF July 27th

Blue in VT:

Hello all,


Its time to start selling some stuff! I need to raise some cash for completing projects! :shock: This will be the first of a series of listings that I’ll roll out over the coming weeks.

Mostly I’m looking for Paypal but if you are interested in trading please look thru my “wants Album”: Photobucket

Please note that I’m in the USA…I will ship worldwide but you have to pick up the shipping which is not included in the listed prices. Please ask for a quote.

Here we go!

Misc Marauder Dwarfs SOLD

Misc OOP Dwarfs SOLD

Bretonnian Mounted Squires Hero and Standard (being stripped now) $7 each

Bret Mounted Squire unassembled $7

Bret Men-at-Arms Champion $4

Bret Knight 1 $7

Bret Knights 2&3 $7 ( Ihave horses as well for these just not pictured)

Bret Knight 4 $7

Bret Knight 5 $7

Bret Grail Knight Standard $7

Bret Grail Knight Musician $7

Bret Grail Knight 1 $5 (note broken lance Plastic replacement)

Bret Grail Knight 2 (Note Broken Lance) $6


Bret Grail knight stickers/decals $3


Wood Elf Infantry (note two damaged bows) $3 each $1.50 for broken ones


Wood Elf Mounted Archers (only one horse) Riders $5 Horse $7 SOLD

Wood Elf Mounted Personality 1 $15 sold

Wood Elf Mounted Personality 2 $15 sold

4th ed High Elf White Lions $2 each

4th ed High Elf Dragon Princes $5 each

Misc Orc characters 1 $3 each WIZARD SOLD

Black Orcs $4 each $32 for whole lot SOLD

Goblin Wolf riders (I have the plastic Wolves too) $4 each $17 for all


Marauder Boar Riders 1 (no boars…look at Svennn’s thread though…he’s got spares!) $4 each

Marauder Boar Riders 2 (damaged) $3 each

Marauder Boar Rider 3/with boar $8

Marauder MM20 Command and random citadel Orc $4 each

Warhammer Regiments plastic Gobo archers take them please! $3 for whole lot!

Night Goblin Standard (note broken weapon) $2

4th ed Boars…all five for $4 SOLD

Empire handgunners SOLD

Empire Reiksguard SOLD

Empire Wizard $5 SOLD

Empire Swordsman SOLD

Kislev Winged lancers NIB $10 each blister SOLD

Ogre Pit Fighter SOLD

Let me know if any thing looks interesting to you!



Blue in VT:

List updated…more new stuff coming next week