[Archive] Samurai Dwarfs


I just found these Samurai Dwarfs, IMO they are quite cool!

What do you think would they make good Chaos Dwarfs? I like them! :cheers


PS: I forgot the link:  Old Glory Miniatures


With a little work they would make pretty cool immortals !


see page 6 :>


If they didn’t charge you something like a billion for shipping, I would already have had those :smiley: Not for CDs - but for a regular Dwarf army.

PS: why do only the first picture show up?


Now they are again visible!

I don’t know what the problem was …???

@ Kefas: I didn’t see your post before - nonetheless cool conversions! :hat off



…i see nothing :frowning:


For me the pics are still visible … strange!!!

Than look at the homepage of Old Glory, the link is at the bottom of the 1st post!



I see nothing too… But on linked site… this figures look great :slight_smile:

black hammer:

They’de be great for regular dwarfs but not for CDs


well I have no idea what is the problem with those pictures, maybe try refresh site few times! sometimes it works!
that models looks really great so maybe in near future if I 'll find some free time and I will continue work with that models, at the moment I’m really busy with my skaven army!


It´s really strange: with my LapTop I can see the pics (which I uploaded as usual) but with my PC I can´t see them …

Has anyone an explanation for this phenomenon?