[Archive] San Bruno gas line explosion (Near my house)

Da Crusha:


This is happening like 1.5 - 2 miles away from my house, it’s crazy. when It first started the flames can be seen right from home. 52 homes detroyed and 120 damaged so far. right now it is only 50% contained.


stay safe mate

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Rental or do you own?

Never have been anywhere near a fire on this kinda scale, biggest i’ve had to deal with it a bonfire that got a little out of hand once.


I remember someone else doing a post here about a gas explosion, I saw a video of it where the sky went white. :o


Oh man that’s horrid. Stay safe Da Crusha.


Crikey, hope you’re ok dude.


Disturbing news, I hope your all right

As I’m sure you know, stay safe.



Hope you, yours, and living space stay safe!

Da Crusha:

Im ok, family is ok, I had to go towards it when the fire first started to pick up my sister and her kids, they rent right by it and my sis was having a panic attack. we own this house. everything seems to be under control now. they say the fire is 100% contained but only 75% of homes have been searched because the remaining are still too hot to go in. 4 people confirmed dead and there are still people missing.