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…on the warseer painting/modeling section, i know there are 7 pages but the guy is a greenstuff genius imho, have a look at the pics - might pick up some tips


Kera foehunter:

.......on the warseer painting/modeling section, i know there are 7 pages but the guy is a greenstuff genius imho, have a look at the pics - might pick up some tips


wow thats is the best find we should save this link:hat off


Seconded!! I couldn’t read that link fast enough. Lots of good pictures and advice. Very inspirational!!

Warplockmonkey should check this one out for the Lizardmen sculpts alone!


WOW… i love it, it makes my sculpting abilities loof like thrown together parts uf unsculpted tar.


thats so cool, I wish I could do that

Thommy H:

Philosophical rant:

I don’t mean to denigrate this guy’s work specifically, but if that was a figure released by a company, you wouldn’t buy it. It’s because he’s approaching it from an “I’m a modeller and painter, and this is an extension of my converting skills” that it seems so impressive. It’s like you can approach the sculpting aspect of the hobby from two different directions; either as a professional intending to cast and sell figures (in which case you’ll be up against the Kev Whites and Paul Mullers of the world) or as a hobbyist making your own figures (in which case you’ll be up against all the cack-handed no-names like me and most other hobbyists). If you look at Scibor, for instance, he’s an example of the second kind of sculptor (and is worshipped by his peers - his sculpts command $100 prices on ebay) who is trying to hang with the first kind (who hate him because he’s just not that good but gets all this adoration). It’s as if there’s two different industries with two different expectations.

So, yeah, this guy’s pretty good, but I’m just used to looking at the work of guys who do this for a living and can sell me their figures one day.



yeah i wouldnt buy anything the guy did, there seems to be something amateurish in his texturing. i just cant put my finger on it. and his scale is all out too. his kroxigor looks good until its next to the GW kroxigor.

as for his guides on weapon making they are very useful. until seeing this i thought i was the only one who did extensive after hardening work with files and such. the sword blade bit seems especially useful.

One thing i did think was good was the random female had on a stick.

edit: had a look for the scribor dude, and i know exactly what you mean. just look at the skull on this

and none of his miniatures seem to have seperate legs, just robes all the way down. i wouldnt buy his stuff.


I really don’t see what you guys’ point is. You’re entitled to an opinion and a criticism and I’m not going to try and take that away from you, but as with all art the viewer gets what he/she wants from it. It is subjective.

Ok, so you might not buy this guy’s minis - so what? What about the inspiration he gives to others, like myself, who might learn something from his process pictures - how was the armature built, how was the putty layered, details, etc. What about the pure idea of the models? Or of using different materials.

From what I read he’s done these models to keep his sculpting skills up while he looks for work in other industries, so I’m guessing you won’t have a chance to buy any of his minis.

Personally, I was overjoyed to see this link and went through the pictures bit by bit, feeling like it was possible for a modeller like me to edge closer to his example because of what I had learned.

re: Scibor

Yeah, I’m not too impressed by that mini either. But Rikard’s sculpts are a lot more intense, IMHO.

Thommy H:

Ok, so you might not buy this guy's minis - so what?
This is a forum for discussion. I'm not trying to make a point or argue: you just asked for an opinion about something and I gave it. There would be little point in using the internet to have conversations if we all agreed.

I don't actually think it sucks or anything (that's why I prefaced what I said with "philosophical rant" - to indicate that it's a tangent about a more general topic) just that it's pretty weird to heap praise on something that, if it was done by someone trying to start a miniature company, we'd all scoff at. Context seems to be very important in the sculpting side of the hobby, and I find it strange.


A shame GWs kroxigors dont look like that is all I´m saying. Most of his stuff actually look like the concept art/AB art. Something I´ve always felt is a big letdown from GWs side(since I am also a VC player… look at the strigoi, I mean appear to be chaos spawns more than anything).

As for starting a miniature company, I´ve alot of stuff from reaper and other assorted mini companies collects which truly look craptastic compared to this. I mean Rik´s texture and musclework is just awesome.

I´m guessing that scribe thing isnt anything of his recent stuff. No point in digging up old stuff… my earlier paintwork/modelling/sculpts look pretty terrible compared to what I can do today. Infact, that doesnt matter anyways. The stuff in the thread in the start of this topic shows he knows his stuff very well.