[Archive] Scale of Different CD miniatures


We occasionally get people asking for advice on the scale of different CD miniatures. To help, below is a picture that shows CD figures (or Dwarfs that can be used as CD) from Different manufacturers:

From left to right they are:

Twisted Tales Chaos Dwarf

Heresy Miniatures “Dwarf Va’Durr”

Grenadier Miniatures Chaos Dwarf

Citadel Miniatures “Master of Madness”

Reaper Miniatures Female Dwarf

Fenryll Miniatures Chaos Dwarf

Rackham Miniatures Dwarf of Mid Nor

Enigma Miniatures Chaos Dwarf

Hasslefree Miniatures Chaos Dwarf

Fenryll Miniatures Northern Dwarf

Kera foehunter:

thats cool showing the diffrent scales. Great figures Wallace


that enigma one is practically man sized! twisted tales one is tiny compared to the other, but the newest hasslefree white metal one seems a bit bigger than that one.

never thought about using that hasslefree dwarf as a chaos dwarf before but he does fit in.

great line up anyways now we have to try and guess ‘who done it’


Actually I’m surprised - I thought that the enigma one would be bigger from all the other pics I have seen of it.


I reckon its the one with shifty eyes who dun it:D

Nice to see the line up of the culprits the twisted tales one is smaller than i thought:hat