[Archive] Scibor Big Hat


Found this, thought it looked interesting. Its probably not a CD, but it looks cool anyway.


Thommy H:

Looks like it is supposed to be a Chaos Dwarf, actually - you can see he’s plonked a pointy nose onto his usual press-moulded Space Marine head, for example. I have no idea why the hat is falling over.


WOW havn’t seen that one, before.

But a few days ago I saw this wip:

Also a great dwarf - and easily converted

Thommy H:

I prefer my models to have knees and heads the right size.

Kera foehunter:

i think scibor dwarfs looks more like ogres. But hey he make a cool pirate.


He needs some viagra with a hat like that lol:hat

Ghrask Dragh:

It’s hard to talk about Scibor without swearing (why I post my opinions on Frothers Unite!) some of the Dwarfs are OK but never worth the hyped up prices he sells them for, the space marines are just ridiculous :mad I can’t believe people buy them!!