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I’ve had my eye on this gun crew for a while and just got news from Scibor that it should be on sale next week.  :cheers

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Pyro Stick:

Any wips/sketches of what the crew are for?


They didn’t seem to indicate that there would be a gun to go with it. I just like the look of the crew. :smiley:

Time of Madness:

One of the problems with the Scibor chaos dwarf range is the lack of war machines. It is nice to have all the infantry and the taurus, but some war machines are needed.

The release of the crew now helps to complete the range in my opinion. Hope he puts out some war machines eventually.

As far as the crew go I really like them! Although I’m not fond of the far right ones arm (looks a bit thin).

Time of Madness


I guess the Scibor dwarfs can only get a two-pack on their chest then.

I think the thin arm may possibly be intentional, could it be withered after an accident or simply not fully sculpted yet? It certainly isn’t just out of proportion.


I guess I’m not too familiar with the Scibor range, but looking at that mini on the right…is that thing sticking out of his side meant to be his left arm? It looks terribly atrophied.

The basic sculpture of these minis is nice. I have been tempted to try purchasing a Scibor or two before, but this set is even more promising. I don’t think I’m going to be keeping the fur hats, though.


$#%^ yeah!

I will probably mix and match these with the other chaos dwarf gun crews in my army so they fit in with the scibor line troops.


These are only in-progress greens; I imagine the finished models will have fully fleshed-out (ha) limbs and what-not. Looks like the one on the right may have a trench coat when it’s all done…


IM a scibor fanboy,I have his longrifles,and will buy his rank and file bighats when I recover from my FW buy,this gun crew is good news

Thommy H:


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I was looking at this thread just to read tommys comment :stuck_out_tongue:

Time of Madness:


Thommy H
I wasn't expecting a one word answer :(

Quick, someone ask him to explain.... :)

Time of Madness


Finally! Will definitely be grabbing these guys


I like them, fits the rest of the line well.


I was looking at this thread just to read tommys comment :p

So was I! And it quite pleased me ;)


I was looking at this thread just to read tommys comment :p

LOL. It's true, he doesn't like 'em ;)

They're not quite the right look for my army, but I quite like them just the same. I'm guessing the withered-looking arm is just part of an unfinished sculpt.




Thommy H
I guess Thommy likes them ... :)

From his mouth this comment is a compliment! ;P



I quite like them … will have to investigate the scibor range further…


AS I said earlier I bought 12 of his longrifles and one Champion with pistol.With this gun crew and the others with hand weapon and shield this has the makings of a clan


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