[Archive] Scibor new chaotic dwarf


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Scibor will produce another Evil dwarf. I’m not really fan of their dwarf range. The armour (except shoulder pads) is not chaotic enough. The face is quite good, but the bust is way too large… :~


Its a shame with scibor dwarfs of any flavour that the loincloth to the floor is compulsory. :frowning:

Doesn’t feel too chaotic to me.

That helmet is really cute though!


I find him a bit uninspired compared to Scibor’s other models, except for the helmet that is.

And once you know that every single Scibor miniature, be it dwarf, elf or Space Marine, has the exact same face, you cannot unsee it.


I used a shoulder pad like that to create the deathmask I made for my Sorcerer. Personally, I don’t mind the lack of overt Chaos imagery. I can paint my own symbology, and too much of that stuff clogs up the mini and makes it harder to paint. Cool sword, though.


it looks like a WoC lord without legs :smiley:



Anatomy, armour, head, head position, too much wrong with this sculpt…