[Archive] Scibors moscals


I have bought his long rifles and the Taurus was wondering if anyone else had bought anything

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Thommy H:


(This is an old running joke you won’t get, Jon.)


I have the bald headed dwarf wizard with the pumpkin helmet… I’m afraid I won’t be using it though, not that the cast or quality is bad (quite the opposite in fact), but I decided to run with bighats a few years back…


Thommy I am aware of your hatred of scibor,but i like his stuff have all the bears and longrifles and will soon own the moscal with shields the large fellow with the barrel and the pilot


Though i am big hat fan i do like the look of these models, they have some nice stuff from what i remember, i look forward to seeing what you get next for them.


yep, i have 26 axe and 26 rifle awaiting painting, as well as a few characters.


Those of you who have these minis put them on this thread,I put mine up and I know others can paint and take better pictures so get to work



I love scibor, your moscals are really well done, i hanv’t seen many on this forum though which is a shame considering how cool the models are. Personally though i find that their best casts are their celtic marines, they just look so good (and are damn near true scale marines as a bonus)


I hope that wasn’t sarcasm


I’m not a big fan of Moscals but the sculpts are amazing anyway. Your pics are very blurry though, can you shot (and post) new ones?


Has he said when he’s doing the snail artillery? The pictures of that have been around for at least a year.