[Archive] Scratchbuilt Earthshaker


I’ve been collecting used up pritt sticks for a while now, because they’re about the right size for 28mm artillery guns, and today I spontaneously used one, a few wooden beams, the lids of two pill pots, and a bobbin to make this:


I say it needs paint!

I’m a huge fan of cheap self made models so I’m ;looking forward to see the end result.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Personally, it will need a lot of work, but it’s a good skeleton to work on. A flared barrel and a lot of ornamentation is needed, IMO.

Still, glad to see you’ve got a start and would love to see this progressing!


I can see where you are going with this. I always think that solid wheels do let down the “home made” warmachines. But it certaintly it is not finished yet, so I will wait and see what happens next. Good work so far.

Ghrask Dragh:

Ha, thats great, throw a couple of chaos stars on it, some spikes and a nice paint job and jobs a good one!


Slight problem, in that the whole barrel broke off, but I WILL rectify this problem, just need time (as I’ve just entered another week of school, update probably won’t be until at least the weekend) In the meantime, I will work on it in any free time I have, stars and spikes sound good, though my bitzbox might not be up for it. I won’t be doing a flared end, I like the solid functionality the barrel has at the moment, but I think I will try to add more interest to the front and around the chassis.


Okay, fixed barrel by scoring the pritt stick (to give extra grip) and then superglue (as opposed to hot melt glue gun).

What I’ve added: two battlement spikes from the COD sprue, as well as some planking at the front, with a rune of Hashut, and a small plank at the back.


Interesting. Keep updating your WIP I’ll be keeping a close eye on your progress.


Okay update time came sooner than expected.

Added SM hatch for breach doors. Added lever for closing and opening breach door.