[Archive] Sculpted banners?


What are people’s thoughts on this; if you had the choice would you take banners with an image sculpted on over a smooth one?

Both Chaos Dwarf and hobgoblin ones.


Depends really… For an entire army, I’d prefer sculpted ones. If it’s for a display, I’d prefer a smooth banner, or making my own.

Ugly Green Trog:

Depends on what was on the banner really, I do think we need some chaos dwarf looking banners. I feel that the Chaos Dwarfs wouldn’t go in for the tattered banners quite as much as the regular woc, they are still dwarfs after all and dwarfs take pride in their creations, but we need a sufficiently evil looking regimented banner for a BSB.

Da Crusha:

for me it really depends on the whether I like the sculpt or not. but in my experience while making a standard for my regiments, I have only chosen tattered banners.


I Don’t Know… I don’t think I’ve got a sculpted banner anywhere or have even seen one… I think…

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I usually prefer smooth ones, allows me more freedom on the design that goes onto the banner.

Kera foehunter:

I make small pennant type banners. but they are smooth Banners

Hashut’s Blessing:

Depends if it’s an icon or a standard, personally. I generally (but not always) prefer a smooth flag or a sculpted symbol. I occassionally like to have a sculpted flag - the downside of them is that they all look the same, across all armies and you may not like the design…


I prefer smooth, but if its a good sculpted banner its a good looking banner. As long as its consequent through out the army…

Hashut’s Blessing:

Had a thought - how difficult would it be to have a plain banner and a separate piece that could go onto it to make a sculpted banner? People could even use just the sculpted part to be an icon…


I prefer a sculpted banner as I’m not very good at freehand painting.

The few times I’ve tried have not gone well, it’s something I really need to practice but I just don’t have time for with everything else that I’ve got going on.

A sculpted Chaos Dwarf banner (say using some of the Runes from the Tamurkhan book) would be great.




I prefer a sculpted banner or even sculpted icon. I like freehands but I’m too lazy to paint banners.


I prefer the sculpted ones, the last ones for the grey knights and DA were really good.


For Chaos Dwarfs? Icons all the way! I just think those “feel” right. Like having metalcraft to represent your status or whatever.
Just like my BSB: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/attachment.php?aid=3392
So I think FW did a great job with the IG icon and I like the titan wargames icon… :hat off

For everything else I think I’d prefer sculpted ones as I think the result will look better… as long as I don’t have duplicates in my army. I hate duplicates ^^
That being said: I never used a sculpted banner yet. Simply because my current projects (DE, Necs, Tyranids and CD) have no need for them.


Groznit Goregut:

I like smooth banners. If you don’t like free hand, you can always make a decal and put it on. I’ll admit that I’m pretty decent at freehand, though.

Shields, though…it would be nice to have icons.


I’m not sure which one I’d prefer. I’ve actually never painted a sculpted banner, but I recon it can be handy to easily get a nice looking banner. The downside is that you’re “stuck” with that design; if I don’t like it, I won’t want to use it and even if I do like it I would only ever use one of each design in my army. Also, considering the amount of different styles of miniatures and designs that people use in their Chaos Dwarf armies, the preferred style of banners might vary a lot amongst CD players too. In example; pleasing a 3rd-edition collector and a big-hat fan at the same time with 1 design may prove to be difficult. I fear the market would be rather small.

Smooth banners can be used more than once, although even with them I would rather use two different ones.

Sculpted banners can be cool, but have a higher chance of not suiting my taste and I would only ever buy 1 of each design. Smooth banners can be used more often, but then are easier replaced with self-made banners so I probably wouldn’t buy any (especially when shipping costs outweigh the cost of the banners themselves).

I think icons (or banner tops) would interest me the most. Basing your design on a common theme amongst all variations of Dawi Zharr would probably work best, such as the rune of Hashut. I’d also be curious for (waterslide)transfers.


It’s a shame FW don’t do smaller transfer sheets, as they could do banner sized ones and some runes/ icons etc to go on the Infernal shields.

But £12 for more than you’d need for one army would be a bit steep imo.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I like the smooth ones so that I can paint my own design, or use some of the original printed ones from the 5th edition Warhammer Presents : the Chaos Dwarfs. However, my army has been known to steal imprinted banners from other armies. I believe on of the regiments is carrying an Imperial Guard banner.


I think both may look great. I have bought a Scibor mini as my BSB, but lately I have thought of using a dragon wing and convert it some how. Dunno if that will work, or if I even have the skill…