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Hello folks,

I am looking to start the Dawi Zarr and want to sculpt the classic ringed beard look. does anyone have a tutorial on how to do this?

Do you sculpt all the strands at the same time or do you do them induvidually then attach them to the model.




1.) Rectangular blob of greenstuff goes onto the model, under the Dwarf’s chin.

2.) Blob is divided into vertical strips which will form the coils of the beard.

3.) Each strip has notches pushed into the sides and then the front with a sculpting tool.

4.) Tidy the ends up.

5.) Job done. Add spikes or skulls or whatever other adornments you want.

Its all practice really, I can do a beard in under 30 seconds these days. I must have sculpted 200 of them by now though… That’s a bit depressing…


Thanks! How thick are we talking for the blob?

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About 3mm? However thick you want the beard really. You can do multiple layers too of course, in which case they need to be quite thin. Best save that for characters though.


Thanks Again! I plan on sculpting heads and body combos for my units and then casting them up for personal use. Was thinking around 8-10 different sculpts per unit type.


I generally find that you don’t need that many.

Most of the time, the parts that people notice are the heads and weapons. 4 bodies with interchangeable heads and weapon tips is likely the best way to go. Take it from someone who has sculpted wayyyy too many troopers for his own good… :wink: And I don’t just mean for my Chaos Dwarfs…


I found our ringleted beardfs one of the easiest part of the sculpting.

I use a slightly different way than Baggronor’s, always sculpting one strand per time. I stuck a strand (5-6 mms long, 2 mms wide, cr.) on the dwarf then I do gently sculpt from one side. The tool will gently push the strand in order to separate the segments and keep the 3 dimension of the strand. I do not worry if it flattens a bit (but it is not desired) because I will fix it when I push the other side of the strand. Then fix the middle.

This first part defines the bigger rings on the strands. Then I define the smaller lines of the hair between one bigger ring and the other.

When I want to invest more time I let the strand harden a little bit between the first part and the second one…

Hope my bad English explanation makes sense…


I go for rolls of GS myself, then hollow them out after ridging them.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I have made ones from fine wire coiled around a 1/16th diameter metal rod. … I find making GS “sausages” and then sticking them in place - and then making the coils with a broken hobby knife blade works the best for me.

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