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well, I quit again for a while because when I tried to make my stuff I found a major problem working with GW stuff.

Now, i have a new idea, i’ll sculpt it ALL from scratch, now I know this is probabaly harder but hey, i’m ambitions, butdoes anyone have a basic sculpting tutorail anywhere?


there is a miniature sculpting msn group with a few guides on but they arent very good and quite old now.

this guy has some


i ordered the booklet from him which was ok, but not fantastic and not worth the shipping cost (though i did get some putties at the same time which he sells really cheap)

basically the only way really is to practice, get the right tools, and go for it.

I think it was kev from hasslefree said the easiest way the start is to find a miniature you like and try and copy that, as it gives you something to compare your own against, rather than starting with just your own imagination.


Here are a few good ones:



Hope these help!!

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that second one is really good, it actually shows things step by step like a lot of the guides dont. i think i might have to rint that one out!



Or more specifically:

CoolMiniOrNot Forums -

CoolMiniOrNot Forums -

CoolMiniOrNot Forums -

And my personal favorite:

CoolMiniOrNot Forums - sculpting

Kera foehunter:

Wow maybe we need a sticky for these cool sites . or a spot easy to find

turquois dwarf:

i found this one quite helpfull for details



And my personal favorite:

yeah thats the msn group one i was on about. i think its ok to get a few idead but a lot of the diagrams really arent helpful (i.e. cloth folds is very bad).

ive just had a thought though, for things like the actual 'art' of the miniature rather than the 'craft' possibly general art websites should have things on about proportions, anatomy, the way cloth and things should flow etc.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Stickied. Very useful source…

caos dwrf:

Modeling scale armor with greenstuff – Horrorshow Miniatures

this one is pretty cool


This one is excellent for sculpting hands: http://xenite.wordpress.com/modeling-painting-and-hobby-articles/sculpting-hands-with-greenstuff/


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