[Archive] Sculpy casting


I have never found cheap green stuff in my area. However, there are a plethora of craft stores that sell sculpy and I was wondering if anyone has any experience or advice on casting with sculpy.


Titan :cheers


I’m looking for cheap stuff to sculpt with too, not just casting, any advice apreciated (sorry, didn’t mean to hijack the thread, just seemed pointless to start a seperate one)


Its cool, I’ve been wondering if its possible to fill gaps with sculpey too.


You can very easily get cheap green stuff. Look online- I found that 36" of GS is only $14.




Sculpy really isn’t an option for filling gaps (especially on plastic models) because it requires heat (an oven) to cure it and make it hard. Your best bet is ebay or the aforementioned website. I got a roll of 36" of Green Stuff for $10 plus shipping.



I buy mine from Heresy miniatures.


Very cool, thanks for all of the links guys!



Hmm…is it possible to make a two piece mould (possibly out of green stuff) and then fill it with sculpy and bake the mold? Would the green stuff survive?

I’m just curious if someone has tried something like that before. :slight_smile:


I think it would work better the other way around (make the mould with sculpy, bake it up, and fill it with GS when hard) ;).


Well, if the sculpy could keep the shape of the bit without it needing to be left in to bake, that’d be really great!


I have just dicovered the wonders of terracotta milliput


sculpey isnt suitable for miniature making in my opinion. the heat it needs to cook is VERY hot, and it isnt very adhesve when dry, so bits stuck together before cooking are likely to come apart.

if you have never used sculpey before it is just like plastecine, it doesnt go hard in air, is very sticky, doesnt hold shapes very well at all. its best suited to making things with the kids etc.