[Archive] "Seas of Blood & Death" also from TFISC

Lord Zarkov:

A fleet of Chaod Dwarf ships were making their way across the high seas towards the Isle of Lumbria. Most of the Iron Clads were carying men and equipment, but a few were covered over and crewed with only a couple of Dawi Zharr; on some of these arcane runes engraved upon the canopy and the Engeneers commading the mighty warships stood careful watch steering the ships and making sure the power in the twisted runes on their surface held firm.
While the fleet was progressing the hobgoblin in the crow's nest in the lead ship gave a shout as he had spotted a large force of enemy warships sailing towards them. Realising there was no way the small Dawi Zharr fleet could over come this force, the Sorcerer-Admiral decided upon a desparate course of action. Praying to Hashut that he would suvive his later encounter with the mighty Sorcerer-Lord Zarkov, he ordered the crew of two of the covered ships to put the engines at full throttle towards the enemy fleet and escape on the longboats to his ship. As the two doomed ships (now only crewed by hobgoblins and slaves) zoomed amongst the enemy armarda, runes blazing on one, the Chaod Dwarf Flagship fire upon the un marked one, igniting the gunpowder within, before powering away as fast as possible.
The blast alone sunk a few of the ships; however worse was to come: as the gunpowder blast took out the other Dawi Zharr ship and splintered the runes to pieces allowing a dark and glowing liquid to pour out. As the ichor mixed with blood and bodies floating in the sea it started to pulse and then there was another explosion of multi-coloured energy as daemonic spirits shot out and burt their way through the nearby ships, making huge holes in the hulls and warping all nearby.


Sorcerer Keraza smiled briefly as he saw the enemy fleet burn from the destruction caused by his plan. However that smile soon left his face as he relised the waste of resources it was and shuddered as he thought of just what the reaction of his Lord Zarkov would be.


Cool story,I see you included your user name.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Great fluff. Don’t remember reading it in the campaign. Why don’t you compile all of your inter-site fluff into one thread? TFB should probably do the same. Any idea when the next one is?