[Archive] Second CDO Group buy


EDIT 2/12/12 1:50am: read the last post its about the package!

EDIT 2/3/12 1:14am Starscream has received payment and will try to ship it off tonight/today being england and all, said it should hopefully take 5 or so days, lets hope! i will just post a reply when i know it is shipped.


Ok so my internet is down and it won’t be back up till the 7th due to some what have yous that my girlfriend did or didn’t do (or didn’t pay i should say) and i am using the computer at work, seeing as i don’t want to be here any longer then i have to be i will be popping on to keep you guys updated every nite about this time till the 7th when it should be back up. i’ve sent the payment to starscream and we should be golden, also sending a pm to em to make sure everythings good. as soon as i know he’s shipped and if i get a eta i’ll let everyone know.

EDIT: Ok so starscream just got me the shipping quote which is 86.50 from him to me i broke down the precent of his army that we all purchased and used that precent to total the shipping cost between us all it is as follows:


silentbob $22.50–4.1%–$3.55PAID

ChungEssence $27–4.92%–$4.26PAID

G.2 $89–16.22%–$14.03

Shef $176–32.08%–$27.75PAID

Crh608 $224–40.83%–$35.32

Zobo1942 $10–1.82%–$1.57PAID

EDIT: ok everyone is paid up now! just waiting to hear a quote for shipping from starscream plus his paypal info (and pics so you guys can see what your getting!) and then its only a matter of time :hat off

EDIT:PM’s being sent to those that joined the second CDO group buy, with your first payment. GREAT JOB GUYS! glad that these models are going to CDO members instead of metal merchants!

Starscream wants 350 pounds which is $549.675 so lets call it a even 550 for his models. so unless he tells me he changed his mind this is the new group buy page, so that i can edit the first post with each person that signs up

what i’ve come up with is this:

lord on taurus $10each 10silentbob27PAID

5 plastic warriors $2.5ea 12.5silentbob27PAID  

3 death rockets $9each 27ChungEssencePAID

20 metal warriors(incl cmd) $4each 80G.2PAID

1 earthshaker $9each 9G.2PAID

20 hobbo archers(incl cmd) $4each 80ShefPAID

10 hobbo wolfriders $6each 60ShefPAID

olgah khan + 5 of his wolfboyz $6each 36ShefPAID

20 Blunderbuss (incl cmd) $4each 80Crh608PAID

20 Blunderbuss (incl cmd) $4each 80Crh608PAID

6 bull centaurs $7each 42Crh608PAID

ghazak khan $6each 6Crh608PAID

mounted hobbo chief $6each 6Crh608PAID

sorcerer on lammasu $10each 10Crh608PAID

lord leaning on axe $5each 5zobo1942PAID

sorcerer on foot $5each 5 zobo1942PAID

total $548.5


1. Pick which batch/batchs you want. Check

1a. Shef sends Starscream his mailing adress to get shipping quote. Check

2. Once ALL the batches have been accounted for we transfer money into Shef’s paypal account.Check

3. Shef will pay Starscream

4. The Whole thing gets sent to Shef, who divides it up as per the batches, and posts it to the individuals.

5. The individuals pay Shef for all postage and packaging costs.

ok some i’m now gonna send starscream a pm with my Shipping info so he can get a quote, but before that i will be sending everyone there total and my paypal so that we can pool the money so i can send it off to him. then i’ll re mail them to everyone that placed a order!

just to let everyone know that i’m online from 2-6am pretty much every night eastern us time, due to my job. so please don’t panic if i don’t reply to messages at 8 pm or something


PMs sent.

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Can I get the 20 Metal warriors and the earthshaker.

Blue in VT:

Damn! missed out on the Hobbos again…sigh

Have fun Boys!



Good luck! Those Hobbos always go first, ebay has really made getting them impossible.


I would like the:

lord on taurus $10each 10

5 plastic warriors $2.5ea 12.5


If no one no else has claimed the 2 units of blunderbusses I will take them.


Excellent. That should only leave the 3 Death Rockets, and that only took 18 hours. Well done everyone.


Ohh well thats crap :frowning: i wants stuffs


Hi, I’ll take the 3 death rockets.



Whoohooo…That took about 24 hours to complete the “wants” part of the Group Buy. Again well done everyone. I am excited about this one.


again great job on coming thru to get this army guys!


Cheers guys

I’ll get some pics up this weekend just so everyone can see what they are getting, I’ll get an estimate on the shipping too.

Glad this lot is going to you guys.


I'll get some pics up this weekend just so everyone can see what they are getting, I'll get an estimate on the shipping too.

I am looking forward to the photos. I am interested to see what we all just bought. :) Don't forget to get some close ups of those bases of yours, which I hope we are getting with our purchases.


Check Bartertown- there was a Chaos Dwarf army up there. Even had a tenderizer/whirlwind.


if we have a 3rd community buy pm me cos i need stuff!


pity you didnt jump in at the beginning gil, would have been a lot easier to ship to 'Boro than USA!


here are some pics, s few notes:

- the earthshaker is broken but all the parts are there so it can be reassembled.

some of them are on resin bases some are not, I will include the rest of the resin bases in with the package.

there are a couple of different skin tones, i never quite settled on how thet should look.

hope all this is cool…


pity you didnt jump in at the beginning gil, would have been a lot easier to ship to 'Boro than USA!

I won't ask how you know where i live :hat off


bump for the new edit, as well as the new shipping total for everyone.