[Archive] Secret Santa/Hashut idea


Perhaps a sort of “secret santa” thing for the upcoming holidays might be a fun idea. I’d call it “Secret Hashut” as it is appropriate for our community. I’m thinking that each person chooses 2-3 things of limited value ($20-25 max) and putting their name into a “big hat” from which someone (say an admin) chooses people. The Secret Hashut gets something from the shortlist, and sends it out.

If conversions/painted are acceptable a person could list that as such. For example “Death Rocket and crew - Conversions ok”.

Think this would be cool? Strictly volunteer only.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Well its a good idea but I don’t think that many people would give up there convertions

Maybe have some thing like slaves people donate slaves then someone is chosen by a rafel and who ever it is wins all the slaves?


Yeah, even a secret hashut for slaves would be funny too… and free.


TWF has done a mini-exchange a couple of times, it is not a total success (though far from an abject failure) from what I’ve read on it.

Maybe something, as you note, free would be better to start out…

And I know the dollar has been low but 20-25 isn’t exactly limited value. In my book at least, more like 5-10 $.