[Archive] Self Sculpted Slann


HEy, i know it isn’t a CD model, but I thought you guys could give me some feedback?

Waddya think?


Well, the sculpt is fantastic, as is the paint job. So well done! Also I like the “Capn Jimbob.” The head is a bit big, and altho the legs look good from behind I think they suck in to the body a bit too much in the front - among my first thoughts was “where are his legs?” That said, the big head could be a style choice, which is fine by me. And who needs legs when you’ve got a giant brain? Very cool!


really cool.

the pose made me think ‘e.t. phone home’ lol

what is it sculpted out of?

Ghrask Dragh:

Nice stuff Warplock! :hat off Did you use a armature with this one? would like to know how you started work on this guy.


what is it sculpted out of?

Brown stuff.


nice very nice

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Whoa, awesome work on the hands and fingers!

I also like the decoration dangling from the lips quite a bit. :slight_smile:


Nice to see your work again - sad it ain’t a CD, thou!

- but again a very impressive scult and paintjob :hat off


Thanks for the positive comments guys!

Khan - The sculpt was actually done for a competition on another forum (The Pyramid Vault), and ‘Capn Jimbob’ is my username :stuck_out_tongue:

Torn - I modled it out of a mixture of milliput and greenstuff, as i keep saying its the best thing to use!

Ghrask - Nup, i didnt use an armature, all my own work! :smiley:

Ishkur - Truely a great compliment from a sculpting genious such as yourself… and im proud of the hands the most, especially the unopened one…

Thanks for all the great comments! I am on a bit of a lizardman sculpting stage at the moment, lizardmen were my first army, and now that i have learned to sculpt i can finally add my own touch to them!

Next in line - A fat skink and a saurus of Quetzil! (if that means anything :P)


Very nice sculpt and paintjob too. Imo it is quite better than the GW one. :wink:

Kera foehunter:

i aways loved those cute Slann froggy guys.


do you have a gallery with all of your sculpts on?

i sculpt mainly out of procreate. i just like the name (plus it holds detail better than green stuff), never tried milliput might do some time.


Torn - No i havn’t made a gallery of my work, but just for y’all ill make a thread in chronological order :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s very nice work. You learn very rapidly. :slight_smile:


Torn - I modled it out of a mixture of milliput and greenstuff, as i keep saying its the best thing to use!

When you say mixture of milluput and GS, are you actually blending them together to create a modelling compound, or do you just mean that you use Milliput for some bits and GS for others?

The Milliput I can buy in Canada doesn't look like yours. It comes out more light-grey-green than brown, so perhaps your milliput is different to ours?


Know you just have to sculpt his army:cheers