[Archive] Sell My Box Of Renegades On German Ebay


Hey folks,
I hope it is legitimate for me to post here.

The Box is complete with shields still in their frames - I dont know which edition they are or something. They are from 1986 and I noticed that one model “Doomaxe the Dreaded” is different than displayed on the back of the box.

sadly, two of the models are painted (pretty bad)

I would send them to the UK or the US but since I live in Germany I could only put them on german ebay.

ebay no. 110232001495 on www.ebay.de
"Box CHAOS DWARFS RENEGADES (Chaos Zwerge, Dwarves)"

wow. I just looked at ebay uk and saw someone selling EACH model of the box for 10 pound. that would be already much euro-wise… I mean, trying to selling them for a reasonable price is okay - but that’s just lunatic.