[Archive] Selling all my Chaos Dwarfs!


Hey guys!

I am very sad to say that I am selling all my Chaos Dwarf stuff!
My friends lament me playing them, & tournaments don’t make them viable for me, so I’m selling them to make more room for me & the missus.

I’ve listed it all here on eBay, feel free to have a look & purchase :slight_smile:

For those interested, I’ll still be floating around on the forums…
Who knows, in the future I may just buy some more evil stunties!


A very nice army you are selling, and anyone who gets it will be a lucky one. Really hope you get more than the opening prices, way to cheap imho!


Will you combine shipping pal?


I put a few bids in.


Cheers for your interest guys, hehe

I will combine shipping so it’s a bit cheaper :slight_smile:


Hey guys, only a day and a bit left on my stuff!

Some great bargains to get!


Sorry to see you go. But good luck with the sale(s) and to those of us here bidding. Not me though I’m fully stocked


Well there’s a couple of bits I will almost certainly be putting in bids for.

Hope it all goes well though.

Sad to hear you are leaving the army, even if not the forums.